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  5. Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype captured on camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype captured on camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 front and back silver hero size

Samsung’s long–awaited Galaxy S10 appears to have starred in a promotional clip for 5G networks.

The video, first seen on Chinese social media, shows a handset that is said to be a Galaxy S10 making a video call over 5G.

The device does not look anything like the handset concepts that have been doing the rounds on Twitter, with large top and bottom bezels and no room for Samsung’s cutout Infinity O screen.

It’s likely that this is simply a prototype version of the Galaxy S10, with Samsung having primed more than a dozen different versions of the device according to recent patent filings.

Samsung’s next-generation flagship is expected to come in a 5G version in the United States and Korea, with other 4G models also planned.

5G is edging closer to launch, with promises of lightning fast connectivity.

All the UK’s major carriers are trialling 5G services in the country’s biggest cities, with a view to offering access in 2019.

5G phones are set to be significantly more expensive than existing models.

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