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Home trends: The most popular colours to paint your kitchen in 2021

A classic white, comfortable grey or a daring yellow kitchen? Uswitch found the most popular colours to paint your kitchen in 2021 in their latest research.
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For many, kitchens are a place to unwind after a long day and serve up a delicious meal. The colour, along with the delicious aroma of their cooking, comes together to promote feelings of contentment and warm-hearted happiness.

While some may opt for a bright colour to bring their kitchen to life, others may choose more muted tones to create a clean and peaceful sanctuary. To give you some inspiration, Uswitch has found the top 10 most popular colours to paint your kitchen in 2021, according to online searches.

Top ten kitchen colours

1. White (84,700 searches)

White kitchen

Photo credit: Sidekix Media / Unsplash

White kitchens are the most popular paint colour for kitchens in 2021, according to our research. There has been an average of 84,700 searches so far for the term ‘white kitchen’ and it’s pretty clear why.

The neutral backdrop gives you the chance to customise your kitchen with accessories that will be easy to replace if you fancy a change. Try blending the white paint in your kitchen with some colourful tea towels, pots and appliances to put your stamp on it.

2. Green (57,800 searches)

Green kitchen

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

In second place is green, with an average world search volume of 57,800 per month. It is a popular colour among celebrities too, with Dakota Johnson having a much loved green kitchen in her mid-century LA home.

There are so many different shades of this colour you could opt for too, from a pastel hue to a bold green that will make a statement.

3. Black (49,300 searches)

Talking of making a statement, the number of searches for a black kitchen puts it in third place in this study. There has been an average 49,300 online searches per month in 2021 with people interested in the sleek and modern look of such a bold colour.

With evidence showing that refurbishing your kitchen adds value to your property, why not try out this daring yet popular colour to paint your cabinets or walls?

4. Blue (40,500 searches)

Blue kitchen

Photo credit: Rawpixel / Envato Elements

Another hue that is popular for kitchens in 2021 is blue. ‘Blue kitchen’ has been searched an average of 40,500 times a month by people looking to gain inspiration for their own decorating project.

Psychologist and founder of, Dennis Relojo-Howell, explains why blue is so popular: “Blue has been known to promote soothing qualities that can transform busy spaces like the kitchen into a space with a more relaxed ambience.

5. Grey (39,300 searches)

Grey kitchen

Photo credit: Cottonbro / Pexels

As Pantone’s colour of the year for 2021, grey kitchens are definitely on the rise. Our research shows that there have been 39,300 searches each month (on average) for this coloured kitchen, which puts it firmly at number five in this ranking.

Similar to white or cream kitchens, this neutral colour creates a relaxing backdrop for you to add as much personalisation as you want.

6. Plum (16,500 searches)

Plum kitchen

Photo credit: Adpephoto / Envato Elements

A deeper shade of purple, plum is a great colour choice for people wanting to make an impact with their kitchen. This striking tone is searched for an average of 16,500 times a month in 2021, showing a keen interest in this adventurous colour.

People aren’t scared to make brave choices with their kitchen decor, and this trendy paint colour shows it.

7. Saffron (13,400 searches)

Saffron kitchen

Photo credit: / Pexels

Not just a spice to be used in cooking, saffron is a sought-after colour for kitchens in 2021. 13,400 searches for the term ‘saffron kitchen’ are made each month on average by people looking to revamp their own room. Because saffron is a warm hue, it is a popular choice for kitchens in colder climates to add heat, which could explain its popularity in English kitchens.

8. Yellow (13,000 searches)

Yellow kitchen

Photo credit: Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

Perhaps looking for something a bit different to plain spaces, people have been searching for yellow kitchens on average 13,000 times a month. Known to show creativity and promote happiness, this shade comes in eighth place of the most popular kitchen colours in 2021.

You can either go all out with this colourful decoration style or pair the paint with muted accessories to tone down the brightness.

9. Pink (12,700 searches)

Pink kitchen

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Previously a colour reserved for bedrooms or living spaces, pink has started creeping into kitchens. The average online searches per month sit at 12,700 for ‘pink kitchen’, with more people opting for the pastel or bright tones of this colour.

Either as wall paint, cabinet colour or accents, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more pink kitchen renovations in the coming year.

10. Red (12,200 searches)

Red kitchen

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

In tenth place in the ranking of the most popular kitchen colours in 2021 is red. Each month, there is an average of 12,200 searches for kitchens in this colour.

Dennis Relojo-Howell says: “Red is the colour that exudes exuberant energy, so you can also expect it to stimulate a frantic atmosphere in a kitchen. Not only that, red has been known to promote appetite, so it's not just for the kitchen, but also for the dining room.”

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  • set out to discover the most popular colour for kitchens in 2021.

  • First, compiled a list of 50 different kitchen colours from a range of sources, including Country Living, Forbes, and House Beautiful.

  • Then, entered specific keyword phrases (“[colour] kitchen”) into SEMRush in order to find the average monthly global search volume for each kitchen colour.

  • Finally, were able to rank the colours in order of popularity.

  • All data was collected on 06/09/2021 and is correct as of then but subject to change.