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Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three Mobile Broadband PAYG +1GB

USB modem stick pre-loaded with 1GB data. Upfront cost £24.99. Initial top up of £10 required.

Pre-loaded USB stick deal with no contract. USWITCH.COM PAYG BESTSELLER

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up to* 21Mb
1GB pay as
you go
£24.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three 4G Mobile Broadband 15GB - Premium

Free Premium USB modem stick. 40% faster than previous models. Rotates to acquire better signal. Upfront cost £34.99

Best value per Gigabyte with Premium USB dongle

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up to* 42Mb
15GB 24 months £19.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Huawei E5331 Value MiFi White

Three MiFi (White) - 1 Month

Personal wireless hotspot. Rolling 1 month contract with 5GB limit. Up front cost £29.99.

New High-speed mobile Wi-Fi! Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi gadgets at the same time.

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up to* 21Mb
5GB 1 month £15.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
3 Micro-sim

Three iPad Micro-SIM

Free iPad Micro-SIM. 30 day rolling contract.


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up to* 21Mb
1GB 1 month £7.50 Buy now 0808 163 8657
3 Micro-sim

Three iPad Micro-SIM

Free iPad Micro-SIM. 30 day rolling contract.

Best value deal. Only £1.50 per GB.

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up to* 21Mb
10GB 1 month £15.00 Buy now 0808 163 8657
3 Micro-sim

Three iPad Micro-SIM PAYG + 1GB

Free iPad Micro-SIM. Pay as you go Micro-SIM with 1GB data to be used over 30 days. Up-front cost £10.49. Initial £10 top up required.

PAY AS YOU GO Micro-SIM deal

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up to* 21Mb
1GB pay as
you go
£10.49 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three 4G Mobile Broadband 5GB

The ZTE MF823 4G dongle lets you connect to the mobile internet whenever you want.

Best value per Gigabyte with 4G USB dongle

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up to* 100Mb
5GB 1 month £15.99 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three 4G Mobile Broadband 1GB

The ZTE MF823 4G dongle lets you connect to the mobile internet whenever you want.

CHEAPEST 4G contract available!

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up to* 100Mb
1GB 24 months £7.87 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Three awards

  • Fastest Mobile Broadband 2013

    With a selection of dongles, MiFi routers and micro-SIMs, Three's HSPA+ service sets the bar for super-fast - and... more »

  • Award: Best Value Mobile Broadband 2010

    3 took home the coveted Best Value Mobile Broadband Award for the second year running. Combining a market-leading,... more »

  • Award: Best Value Mobile Broadband 2009

    Three took home the Best Value Mobile Broadband Award for their Mobile Broadband Max product, sweeping aside stiff... more »

  • Award: Mobile Broadband 2008

    3’s UK mobile broadband offering was a clear winner for 2008 in this new, yet already hotly contested market... more »

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  • Support
  • Mac compatible
  • Mobile broadband
  • Pay as you go
  • Mi-Fi
  • Broadband without phone line
  • Micro-SIM
  • iPad
Company history

Company history

Three started life as Hutchinson 3G in 1990 and, at the time, it was one of only a handful of companies given the license to run third generation wireless services. These services used revolutionary technology which allowed for the transmission of polyphonic ring tones and photographs from mobile to mobile. Since then Three has led the way in pioneering mobile technology and it introduced the first video mobile network in the UK in 2003.

The Three network now has over 10 million customers and extends over eight countries including Australia and Hong Kong, in the UK alone its customer base stands at 3.5 million.

Three has since branched out to mobile broadband with dongles and MiFi. Three mobile broadband is the newest telecommunication venture which unites broadband and mobile technologies to bring you broadband on your laptop anywhere that has mobile network coverage. So with Three’s 99 per cent call coverage this is the broadband freedom you’ve been waiting for.

In 2011, Three was named the UK's fastest growing network. And having secured 4G spectrum in 2013, it has now joined the ranks of providers offering a super-fast mobile broadband service.

Customer service

Customer service

Three offers a range ways to get in touch with online support, a highly rated support team on Twitter, as well as 24 hour phone lines and email help whenever you need it.

You can contact Three's customer support team on 0843 373 0500.



Three offers a range of Huawei dongles and MiFi units free on its mobile broadband contracts, which are optimised for Three's superfast 3G HSPA+ service.

Select Huawei dongles provided with Three mobile broadband deals include a microSD card slot, offering storage of up to 32GB.

Three also offers the ZTE MF823 4G dongle that's capable of 100Mbps speeds, as well as a selection of mobile broadband and iPad bundles.

Software features

Software features

Installation software comes with the Three mobile broadband package and makes it is easy to set up your service.

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  • Why do they all moan I would not change for any one I have a 3 phone my broad band gives me a speed up to 3mb/s I also use there mi fi and I have used it in combe martin and get speeds up to 5mb/s I use it in hampshire with no trouble customer service is the same as any where I am more than happy

    starstarstarstar Mike Smith, 20th September 2011
  • been with 3 for over 3 years and reently their network is the worst and not to mention the customer service.They do not even bother to call you back to resolve your technical problems.

    star A, 15th July 2011
  • Over last ten years been with BT, Orange and 3. 3 is the best I've tried. Change to 3 if you can stomach teh hassle.

    starstarstarstar Keith Waring, 11th November 2010
  • I have had this internet for a year and just been sent an update so i updated it and now i can not connect to the internet i have to do it through my partners internet - why do they change it if it works fine before?

    starstarstarstarstar joseph pierrepont, 12th August 2010
  • This is an excellent broadband service - one of the best I have ever come across. I also got a £10 voucher when I ordered a broadband laptop deal.

    starstarstarstarstar paul, 26th June 2010
  • 3 coverage isn't the best ever if you're out in the sticks . But I've had no cause to kick up a stink about it over the last two years. Have no problems in my home city of London either.

    starstarstarstarstar Adam Patterson, 19th May 2010
  • Been with 3 for two years now. I'm in London and although the service isn't perfect, it's never let me down. That's all you can reasonably ask for, TBH.

    starstarstarstar marion, 18th May 2010
  • I have been using a 3 dongle for the past year that I got for Christmas. It started out good with decent speed. The software was buggy, but overall I was happy to even have an internet connection.

    However, in November I cancelled the plan as I had gotten Eircom wireless internet and had no need for a 3 usb modem anymore. And just today numerous bills have arrived in the door for the past 4 months of internet usage, even though I have been using the wireless for the past 5 months.

    starstar Jamie, 9th April 2010
  • 3 mobile broadband is total rubbish. I was told I would get over 1Mb am only getting 0.16Mb. Am now in a 18-month contract for this useless service. 3 mobile broadband is total junk, so stay well away.

    star Paul Brown, 7th February 2010
  • BEWARE!! 3 HAVE CHARGED ME FOR MEGA USAGE THAT I DIDN'T USE! All the promises by customer service reps are rubbish! Their Executive Office promised to help but have since called to tell me I have to pay the bill!

    They reckon I've used 23GB usage (when my internet connection didn't work!!!) where they get their figures are beyond me!

    star Sara J, 18th November 2009
  • i have had my dongle for 1 month now and it realy does suck.i live in sussex. I am not a milllion miles from london, so can some one please tell me why i cant even watch a simple You tube video? I'm thinking about saying goodbye to my dongle REAL soon.

    star mr really unhappy with 3, 18th October 2009
  • i have a 3 dongle. and when I had a few problems 3 sent me another dongle were very helpful. Connection is just as quick as bt. i love it carry on the good work 3.

    starstarstarstarstar everton 1973, 11th October 2009
  • 3 Mobile - USELESS (avoid at all costs). Not only is there a terrible connection but customer service is even worse. How they are allowed to operate as a company I have no idea.

    star Jonny, 19th May 2009
  • Maybe because I live in central london, I don't know - but my internet connection is great, am well happy with my 3 dongle!

    starstarstarstar Micky, 14th May 2009
  • 3 mobile internet is useless, I can only connect to the internet when the weather is nice, if its cloudy or raining I cant connect.I'm stuck in a 24 month contract.

    star jason, 1st May 2009
  • 3 mobile broadband is rubbish , was in a18 mth contract .Just got out of it after 9 mths , after a lot of phone calls and letters and pulling my hair out . Was told i was in a turbo area they were wrong . I am now with Orange . Brilliant !

    star Anne, 2nd April 2009
  • I'm a student and got a 3 dongle so I could work on train and anywhere I wanted round uni - I love it, I wasn't expecting an amazing reception but I can literally take my laptop anywhere and get online now ... I've not had any problems!

    starstarstarstar Jacinta, 26th March 2009
  • Been on three for over four months. Got a 5G allowance. Been good for about two days - really good for those two days I might add. The other four months reminds me of the early ninetees and a phone line connection from an african nation. Poor says it all.

    star E.D. , 19th February 2009
  • We have 3 dongles and are very uphappy with the service do not sign up with 3, we have been on the phone 3 hours today and still nothing decided. ZERO STARS

    star nn, 18th February 2009
  • I have a 3 dongle on pay as you go, so far so good. It is slow but you soon get used to it, its better than BT prices.

    starstarstar j.d, 25th January 2009
  • My daughter bought a 3 mobile dongle for myself and her sister for christmas, each costing £49.95 plus two £15 vouchers for internet credit. It is now 23rd Jan 09 and neither have been connected having made numerous useless and unhelpful telephone calls, going back to the retailer and various other 3 outlets armed with my laptop, need I say more.

    My daughter can't get a refund because the boxes have been opened and she can't get a refund on the vouchers even though they haven't been used. Can you imagine how she feels about the gifts she bought for her family!

    star A Davis, 23rd January 2009
  • Same as the previous comments, the connection is poor, the software buggy and I'm also being charged £15.66/mo despite only signing up to a £15 contract. This is supposedly after the VAT cut. Avoid!

    star R Turner, 23rd January 2009
  • Very simple message Do NOT sign up for 3 Mobille Broadband under any circumstances. Zero stars

    star Reg, 19th January 2009
  • The speed using a 3 dongle is pathetic (if it even connects), and the driver software that comes with it is extremely buggy. Why should I have to go through a ritual of disconnecting, restarting, unplugging etc. every time I want to connect? I recommend trying anyone else on the market first - they cannot be any worse.

    star Iain, 15th January 2009
  • I have a 3 mobile broadband dongle. I have had internet connectivity problems for weeks, I get a connection for 10 mins at a time before it crashes. I have been told there's nothing they can do to compensate my loss of service i.e. they cannot give me a replacement one while it gets repaired. To top it off, I'm paying £15.66 (not 15 as per contract), and have been told any new users get the same for £10!

    star karen, 12th January 2009
  • I have had toucan for about 3 years now and I have no probs with the phone packages but the internet is pants! It disconnects regularly, the speed is varied, I was getting 5 meg on an 8 meg package which I was fine with, but now I am getting 5 meg which is a joke! I rang them every 3 days for 4 weeks and they have done nothing to fix the problem so I'm terminating my contract which they want the rest of (6 months at £15).

    star adam peck, 8th January 2009
  • The worst ever DO NOT BUY. DOES NOT work.

    star Ian, 29th December 2008
  • 3 mobile broadband: terrible reception, poor poor poor . A 2.5 month saga getting 3 to cancel the contract and they are still investigating slow / poor reception. Asked us to hang on for a while longer.... what a joke. No way on gods earth will this company recieve another penny. One star since the box below wont take zero stars.

    star neil.shand, 8th December 2008
  • All my experiences with 3 have been staggeringly bad: Reception, speed, mean time between failure I cancelled the conract - recinded without penalty. Had to change the landline number....... HOW ON EARTH IS THIS COMPANY ALLOWED TO STAY IN BUSINESS.

    star Naile Roe, 4th December 2008
  • 3 Mobile Broadband - I've had the same problems as are frequently quoted here / appallingly slow, disconnects / no connects / no reception etc.

    I've canceled my contract - 12 months into a 24 months. 3 seems to ignore pretty basic customer rights / Trade Descriptions / Service Levels in the contract.

    .... Anyone else having these problems i'd recommend you 1) go into writing (on paper) 2) give them 2 weeks to resolve, 3) Recind the contract without penalty. Look on the web to get advice... 4) give 7 days to respond. 5) go into writing again. 6) Cancel further contract payments 7) Change your phone number as they call to try and collect. Take further actions Never seen such a bad service.

    If this was the US it would be a Class Action. Zero Stars - but the button below insists on at least 1 star..

    star Neil Shand, 4th December 2008
  • 3 Broadband is a pain. From the day 1 I was hooked on the phone with 3, trying to configure my connection. That was Feb. Now in Nov, after sending 3 letters, calling a million times, visiting the 3 shop twice, I am still without the connection and unable to break up the contract because no-one's bothered to speak to me. Perfect customer services - try to spend your money wisely.

    starstarstarstarstar jozef, 1st December 2008
  • I just did a speed test on my new mobile broadband. I got 0.12Mb. It takes about 30s to load a web page, and it won't play Youtube videos without buffering every few seconds. I have a signal strength of 3 out of 10 bars, so maybe that's the problem. I have a 3 mobile too, and their signal coverage is far from good, so I imagine it's slow most places. I think I'll be sending mine back.

    star Matt, 8th November 2008
  • Unbelievably bad. No faster than dial-up, and less reliable. My friends are astonished by just how dreadful my 3 mobile broadband service is. Avoid at all costs. I hope 3 mobile goes out of business. Companies like this are a disgrace. To associate this product with broadband is ridiculous - but who would buy this junk if these liars actually told the truth?

    star Mike, 4th November 2008
  • This has got to be the best service ever! Is what I thought first hand. I'm a student and at 17 I cannot get a hard wired sytem. Mobile broaband is the only choice for me. For the first few weeks it was great, no trouble. Now; every other web page I click it disconects. What a waste of money, DON'T BUY THIS.

    star Adam, 29th October 2008
  • I wish I'd never bought it, I'm tied to paying for an 18 month contract and 60% off the time it won't even connect. On the rare occasion it does it's slower than dial-up. Absolutely appalling!!!!

    star Melissa, 3rd October 2008
  • Is a bit of a joke. I can't even get gmail to load 90% of the time. It is slower than dial-up on average, which at least provides a minimum service at worst. I live in London in a 'turbo' zone.

    star Laurence, 14th September 2008
  • I sympathize with Ritam: you are not alone! Careful you don't spend the 18 month contract on the 0870 number to technical support. I wish I'd never heard of 3, let alone signed up. In short, it's theft: they take your money and don't provide a service; the smug 3 executives are creaming it in at our expense. Try Orange next time.

    star Richard Egerton, 12th September 2008
  • By far the best mobile broadband package out there - the dongle goes very nicely with my macbook pro.

    starstarstarstar Tim , 10th September 2008
  • I live in Ireland, yes 3 is as bad here.

    It runs reasonably fast when you sign up then slows after a few months.

    I have called them and emailed them getting no answers to emails.

    star Don, 9th September 2008
  • 3's download speed is not quick enough.

    star PETER J SMITH snr, 14th August 2008
  • Really disappointed. My 3 broadband never works. They did not let me return it within the 14 day period and said they would repair it. Now that I have missed the 14 day mark they want me to pay the entire 18 month contract cost for something that doesn't work. In my eyes, they are effectively cheating their customers.

    star Ritam Gandhi, 6th August 2008
  • When I first got 3 mobile broadband I got consistent speeds of 1Mb I don't know what changed because now my signal is at between 0 to 200kbps. Whenever I try to download a file my signal stops. I can only assume that 3 is throttling my broadband for using peer networks. I'm on a pay-as-you-go broadband plan - I pay for my allowance and I expect to be able to use it.

    star tom, 23rd June 2008
  • It's rubbish, the connection is slower then dial-up, it disconnects, there is never a signal and customer service is awful.

    I am tangled up in a 2 year contract paying money for an internet connection that works well once a month.

    star milo, 20th June 2008
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