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Chess Telecom Router

Post Office HomePhone & Broadband Essential

Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and 0845/0870 numbers. Nominate 10 'Loved Ones' and get a 10% discount on calls.

Online offer: Get 5 email addresses, FREE weekend calls and also a FREE wireless router

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up to* 8Mb
10GB 12 months £5.00 price details Buy now 0800 088 2018
Chess Telecom Router
Roundel Orange 6 Months Free

Post Office HomePhone & Broadband Premium

Free wireless router and inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines & 0845/0870 numbers. Add anytime calls for £5.75

Online offer: Get UNLIMITED downloads & free weekend calls, UK based call centre + Free wireless router & FREE for 6 MONTHS

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up to* 8Mb
unlimited 18 months £8.00 price details Buy now 0800 088 2018
BT 7610 Homephone

Post Office Home Phone

Includes line rental with weekend calls to UK landlines and 0845/0870 numbers. Weekend calls from Friday 6pm - Monday 6am.

INCLUSIVE WEEKEND CALLS. UK based call centre + upfront HomePhone line rental saver option

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- 1 month £15.00 price details Buy now 0800 088 2018
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

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  • Fair usage policy
  • Support
  • Email
  • Home phone / calls
  • Security package
  • Modem
  • Webspace
  • Mac compatible
  • Free connection
  • Free wireless router
  • Home broadband
  • ADSL broadband
  • Line rental included in cost
  • Landline
Company history

Company history

Post Office Ltd is part of the Royal Mail Group, along with Royal Mail and Parcelforce worldwide. Since the first post offices several centuries ago, Post Office has developed from a network of independently owned shops selling stamps and weighing packages to a national retail company who offer a broad range of services.

It was in 1986 that Post Office became a company in its right and, to date, there are as many as 14,300 branches across the British Isles. Post Office says that over 94% of the UK’s population are within a mile of one of its branches.

In recent years, Post Office has diversified its services and now offers a whole host of financial services from loans to credit cards to comprehensive insurance packages. Breaking the hotly competitive broadband ISP market is the next logical step for a company so deeply rooted in communication, and this development pays tribute to the Post Office’s 360 year heritage.

Customer service

Customer service

The Post Office's broadband service offers a well-staffed customer helpline. Its call centres are based in the UK and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Post Office has a very accessible Help section on its website, with a comprehensive list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' and straightforward information about the finer details of your contract.



One of the perks of the Post Office broadband packages is the high quality hardware that comes absolutely with your contract. If you opt for the Broadband Essential package or the higher-end Premium service and you'll get a wireless broadband router free of charge.

This enables you to share you broadband connection with any number of broadband-enabled gadgets and computers around the house.

Software features

Software features

The Post Office broadband provides you with free security software when you sign up to any one of its Broadband based contracts. If you opt for a Standard package your software will protect you from internet based viruses. It also comes equipped with anti-spam technology so you’ll be able to enjoy keeping in touch without being plagued by unwanted junk mail.

By choosing the Broadband Extra contract you’ll benefit from advanced protection and more comprehensive cover for your PC. This option also comes complete with parental control software so you can monitor and control your children’s use of the internet.

Post Office broadband customers also get up to 50MB of webspace so they can build and host their own website. Customers on either package are able to nominate up to ten people as their loved ones and get 10% off calls to those numbers.

Email features

Email features

The Post Office broadband really has the family in mind with each of the packages that they offer. That’s why you’re provided with 5 free e-mail addresses when you subscribe, this way each family member can have their own account and retain their privacy.



There are plenty of exciting extras with Post Office broadband, not least the 50MB of free web space. This will come in handy if you’re thinking of setting up your own dot com money spinner, or have a hobby you’d like to share on the World Wide Web.

In terms of landline benefits, Post Office will let you keep existing phone number which will make for any easy transition from your existing provider to Post Office. There’s also the ‘Loved Ones’ service which provides you with 60 minutes of free call time to chat to your friends and family on their birthdays and on Christmas Day.

And you frequently call international numbers you’ll be pleased to hear that the Post Office charges just 5p per minute to over 20 destinations across the world.

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Customer reviews

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  • I was with BT for years and nothing but trouble and faults and disconnections. Went to Post Office and everything is sorted including new outside telephone cables which have been in place for fifty years and BT has done nothing about. I fact at least four houses had new telephone mains cable rehung from the poles. We were told the cables were shorting and disintegrating. So far nearly three years and not one problem. Tough wood ( telephone pole)

    starstarstarstarstar Philip Rogers, 3rd December 2014
  • Despite others bad reviews, I am full of praise for Post Office Broadband. My broadband speed is the best Ive ever had (15mb according to speed checker ) And every time I have needed to speak to customer services, I get straight through, to an extremely, helpful and polite person( in the UK ). Im very pleasantly surprised, and would recommend to anybody

    starstarstarstarstar M Smith, 11th June 2014
  • what a brilliant service , don't know what all the problems others have had , but so far I've had none . pay by dd , no problem and now with anytime calls it's far cheaper than BT

    starstarstarstarstar a stokes , 7th June 2012
  • I switched about a year ago from an extremely expenisive supplier and cancelled my BT line, the PO broadband with phone saved me a lot of money. I just upgraded from the basic package to the unlimited. I have one of the fastest download speeds available, my upload speeds aren't bad either. There was a glitch initially, someone, and I don't know who, had failed to carry out a task at the exchange. The P.O. organised it and I was online again.

    If I have a quibble it is only that I can't pay my bill via my online banking facility, I do most things online as I have problems with mobility. Apart from that, I have found P.O support helpful, curteous, and willing to go that extra bit for me, but then again when I do ring support I do have all the information ready so they don't have to interogate me in order to discover what my problem is.

    I have two domains, each with seperate hosting companies, and use a dedicated ftp upload program, so my 50 mb PO web space is unused. Just for general vanity publishing about one's family and hobbies, 50 mb is more than enough. If more is needed there are plenty of free hosting sites that will satisfy most personal web page creators.

    starstarstarstar Maggie Cooper, 3rd October 2010
  • I asked if Post Office had a way to reduce my broadband bill from what I was paying as I don't use the home phone. "oh yes" said the girl on the desk, as you don't use the phone I'll cancel the extras. She cancelled the landline which knocked out the broadband. Can't get re-connected as it takes over 2 weeks! Have complained but with no luck! Spent 3 hours on mobile sorting it out as no landline now, costing about £50. NOT HAPPY!!!

    star Alistair Barrett, 10th August 2010
  • Absolute amateurs. Customer services staffed by people who should not be allowed any where near customer service jobs due to their totally unhelpful approach. They will do nothing on your account until the account payments have been settled - they would not even let me set up a direct debit to pay off my account until the account was settled!!

    star R Deakin, 9th July 2010
  • The service on the phone side and broadband connectivity has been good in my case - no complaints. But technical support is absolutely rotten.

    After trying for a week to do a simple ftp upload to create a basic personal website on my "50Mb" of webspace, I've simply given up. (Error restricts file maximum to 100 files - lot of good on 50Mb of space!). I've sent three mails to support. First reply referred to an attachment that wasn't there. 2nd mail was ignored. 3rd mail contained a veiled threat to cancel deal. I got a garbled response about technical problems with setting up their IT.

    The real problem? It's clear no-one has a clue and there is no management ensuring that problems are sorted. I'll be going elsewhere. Thankfully the contract period is up.

    star M Perks, 28th February 2010
  • Absolute rubbish. I signed up to be taken over on the 29th October 09 and still have not been taken over properly by them. Broadband and home phone? What a nightmare! I'm still being billed by Sky for calls on a different tariff to the Post Office. I've been trying to get somewhere for four months, but I don't stand a chance.

    The pair of them keep saying contact the other one and neither of them help me. Sky won't let me cancel until I pay the bill on the grounds that they are providing me with a service I cancelled. Meanwhile, the Post Office are not supplying what I contracted. I wish someone would solve this. I am really stressed out.

    star Diane Iliff, 26th February 2010
  • Had Post Office broadband for over a year after leaving Virgin Media; I'd grown tired of them offering super-duper deals to new customers but not for existing.

    Also wanted to leave BT and combine everything. So far so good and I'm smug in the knowledge that we are "on BT" but not paying their high prices. Customer service isn't as good as Virgin's, though. I've only called them twice because the Northern Ireland accent's a bit difficult to understand!! Ho ho!

    Service has been good. Though I'm still using my old Virgin wireless router (which came as standard) rather than the Post Office's non wireless one. Another reason for not contacting their customer service - cos they don't like talking to you if you're not using their equipment. Hoping that they will cough up more discounts soon. If not, I'll just move on again.

    starstarstarstar Patrick, 7th February 2010
  • I cancelled my post office broadband standard on the 28/11/09 to upgrade to broadband extra, still have not received my upgrade and no explanation even after a letter to complaints! now 12/1/10

    star Mr.C.C.Ellis, 12th January 2010
  • Great Broadband and phone deal, basic but does exactly what you expect it to - what more can you ask for for £20 per month - and no line rental extras!

    starstarstarstar Nick Potts, 14th May 2009
  • Six months into my contract and going to cancel it. All started fine, fast setup and connected quickly. But only getting 4.5Mb when paying for 8Mb connection. I am only on a normal BT line, but when I was with Sky Max, I got 8-10Mb.

    star Dave, 30th April 2009
  • i have been signed up from beginning of april,a disaster from the start and there seems to be no sign that there is going to be any improvement. what a mistake i have made.i cannot give any star rating other than a minus

    star john moss, 21st April 2009
  • We got Post Office Broadband 6 months ago on the advice of our daughter, it's been straightforward to install and easy to use with no problems so far!

    starstarstar Moira, 27th March 2009
  • We've had wired Home Phone Broadband for a year now - excellent! No problems!

    starstarstarstar Helen Glenn, 8th December 2008
  • Problems with Post Office e-mails getting lost in space. I'm using hotmail instead as PO can't solve the problem. I will be changing provider at end of the contract.

    star C Billings, 4th December 2008
  • This is rubbish, the router they send you has such a large static margin that I barely get the connection I should be getting. you'd think they'd bring out some firmware for this, but oh wait, they havn'! So if you have a rubbish connection, there's nothing you can do!

    star Leif Wildman, 13th November 2008
  • the broadband is fine,but the service is absolute rubbish, I have been trying for six months to pay for this, I have phoned at least fifteen times and been put through to Ireland, I have been into the Post Office, they have phoned all to no avail, I have given up on this it is crazy

    star maurice davenport, 25th October 2008
  • My connection started off fine but it is now a nightmare. Browsing the internet is a chore and ridiculously tiresome.

    starstar Linda Skinner, 20th June 2008
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