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T-Mobile awards

  • MDA Award 2

    Best Network


    T-Mobile walked away with the Best Network Award at the 2008 MDA’s (Mobile Data Awards). The vote was conducted via an industry wide text vote.

T-Mobile features

Company history

Company history

T Mobile, previously known as One 2 One, is the UK arm of European telecommunications company T Mobile International which is based in Bonn, Germany. T Mobile International was set up in 1990 by the German group Deutsche Telekom and this is where it gets its name, an abbreviated form of 'Telekom Mobile'.

17 years later T Mobile International is thriving in the mobile phone industry with a stronghold over the European market, particularly in countries such as The Netherlands, Austria and Germany. With such a wealth of experience and loyal customer base it is a natural line of development from mobile network operation to the provision of mobile broadband.

With over 1.9 million subscribers in the UK alone this makes T Mobile the second largest mobile network after O2. But it’s not all work and no play and T Mobile is keen to demonstrate its support of European football and cycling teams, they are the proud kit sponsors of teams including Bayern Munich and West Bromwich Albion.

Customer service

Customer service

T Mobile’s website is easily accessible and it features a particularly informative Help and Advice section. With these instructions, written by experts, you’ll be able to work through any problems you encounter one step at a time without incurring any additional costs. There’s also a ‘Jargon Buster’ to clarify all those technical terms, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

Plus, T Mobile also have a separate website just for mobile broadband customers so your complications will be solved swiftly. The website focuses on hardware troubleshooting and you can select the exact device and laptop you own, so you’ll get only the most relevant answers to your questions.



T-Mobile dongles all use HSPA+ technology to ensure a reliable and fast connection. All T-Mobile's dongles can be plugged into a UBS port for instant access to the internet and feature space for a memory card, so double as a means to carry around important files.

T-Mobile's Mi-Fi units allow you to connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously, feature one-touch connection and offer battery life of up to five hours.



T-Mobile customers who add EE home broadband to their bundle qualify for a substantial discount. This is because T-Mobile is a part of EE.

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  • can any 1 help me!! im trying to find out how to cancel my t mobile internet contract

    star nicola dockeray, 12th July 2011
  • Had web n walk since end of last year and all of a sudden no blue LED light. I'm barely crawling and it took six minutes to get on to this site. Any ideas? I'm taking it back to shop tomorrow...

    star Sharon Lee, 13th July 2009
  • Easy to install and use but the network coverage is variable. Sometimes I get 1meg other times it's slower than the old 56k dial up connections.

    starstarstar Richard, 20th May 2009
  • i just want to buy apay u go mobile broadband

    starstarstarstarstar rick, 16th May 2009
  • I have a dongle and pay £30 a month and it's broken - it takes me ages to get on the net and I want a replacement free not for £50 it's a rip off.

    star karen flynn, 30th April 2009
  • Me too! I read some reviews and it seemed like the reception could be dodgy but I have my mobile phone with T-mobile so I thought I'd stick with what I know... glad I did, it's great!

    starstarstar samantha, 27th March 2009
  • absolutely fantastic/very fast/easy to install/couldnt get a better deal anywhere/I have been using broad band with a well known provider for years and decided to go completely mobile without a clue what it was all about and all I can say you wont find anything better/I dont regret it/

    starstarstarstar jean fox, 21st March 2009
  • I'm lucky to be actually on the site leaving a review. I have an E220 T-Mobile dongle and I can only think of one word to describe its performance. Pathetic.

    star Kevin Hooper, 30th December 2008
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