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Fastest UK Cities

Fastest areas based on average speeds of the last 30 days

RankProvider Download speedUpload speed
1 West Brom... 29.36Mb (1,665 Tests)
2 Derby 29.22Mb (1,680 Tests)
3 Walsall 29.03Mb (1,636 Tests)
4 Nottingham 28.93Mb (2,311 Tests)
5 Dudley 28.52Mb (2,231 Tests)
6 Wolverham... 27.45Mb (2,673 Tests)
7 Birmingham 26.19Mb (3,183 Tests)
8 Glasgow 25.89Mb (2,198 Tests)
9 Slough 25.83Mb (1,468 Tests)
10 Leicester 25.72Mb (2,409 Tests)

Fastest UK Broadband

Fastest providers based on national average of the last 30 days

Rank Provider Download speed Upload speed
1 Virgin Media 49.27Mb (14,552 Tests)
2 BT 19.71Mb (15,218 Tests)
3 TalkTalk 14.12Mb (9,464 Tests)
4 Plusnet 13.73Mb (3,758 Tests)
5 Vodafone 12.00Mb (100 Tests)
6 Eclipse 8.81Mb (150 Tests)
7 Orange 8.77Mb (1,230 Tests)
8 Sky 8.30Mb (14,817 Tests)
9 AOL 7.96Mb (311 Tests)
10 Three 7.54Mb (97 Tests)

UK Broadband Stats

UK speed test stats, data and provider breakdowns for the last 30 days

Number of Tests: 65,296
Most Tested Provider: BT
Average speed 21.94Mb
Fastest Provider: Hyperoptic

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