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About credit cards

About credit cards

Whether you're looking for a cashback, reward, 0% on purchases or balance transfer credit card, finding the best credit card deals with uSwitch is simple.

You can also compare credit cards to use abroad, cards with low APRs, and the top credit card deals for people with a bad credit history.

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What are credit cards?

Credit cards are a way of borrowing money to pay for bills, goods, or services. Once you've reached a pre-approved credit limit - known as 'maxing out' your credit card - you won't be able to spend any more on the card until you've paid off some of the debt.

At the end of every month you pay off at least the minimum amount of what you owe on the card - if you don't, you'll soon begin to pay interest on what you've borrowed.

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You normally apply for a credit card online or in-branch at a bank or building society. However, lots of supermarkets, such as Sainsbury's and Tesco, and other specialist providers, like Capital One, also offer cards.

From the traditional high street banks to the major supermarket providers, our credit card comparison tables include all the big names to help you find great credit card deals.

Types of credit card in the UK

Credit cards come in a variety of different forms - some cards are better for new purchases or getting cashback on your spending, while others are better for transferring existing debt.

We compare the following types of credit card:

Credit card comparison

Credit card comparison tools can help you identify the best credit cards in the UK but it all comes down to your circumstances and what works for you. That means, finding the best 0% credit cards or the best high income credit cards on the market is not as straightforward as it seems. Compare the market's credit cards and get the right credit card deals for you. You can use our credit card comparison tables above to see our most popular credit card offers.

Compare credit builder cards

Compare all the leading brands to find a card which is best suited to building or rebuilding your credit profile