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Uswitch and Virgin Media launch exclusive M125 deal with £100 bill credit

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Note: This deal expired on Thursday 19th October. Pricing and package details of this deal have now changed and do not reflect the content in this article.

However, we still have some great Virgin Media offers available on our site. Compare our latest Virgin Media deals below.

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uswitch hero image for virgin media's m125 exclusive deal

In a limited-time exclusive offer only available through Uswitch, Virgin Media has launched a rare deal with its M125 Broadband + Phone bundle. For those in search of high-speed internet and the luxury of a home phone line, this deal offers unbeatable value, including £100 bill credit once you have signed up. 

But you’ll need to act fast - the deal expires on Thursday 19th October, 2023. So don't miss your chance to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Fantastic price and ultrafast speeds

For only £25.50 per month, customers can enjoy average speeds of 132Mbps, which is twice the UK's average broadband speed. And an 18-month contract ensures you don’t need to make the usual 24-month commitment to one broadband deal.

You will also receive a home phone line, including weekend calls at no extra cost. 

What makes this deal even more enticing is the absence of any setup fees, saving customers from upfront charges for joining and installation. But the standout feature is the £100 bill credit you receive when you sign up.

As the monthly price for this deal is only £25.50, the bill credit means you won’t pay a thing for this deal until the fourth month of your contract. And with £100 taken off the total cost, that makes the effective monthly price across all 18 months just £19.94.

“This is an extremely strong deal from Virgin Media, and one that you don’t see very often outside of big sales events like Black Friday.

"£25.50 per month for 132Mbps speeds is fantastic value, but when you add the £100 of bill credit too, that makes it one of the best deals on the market right now.

“If your contract is coming to an end, and you can get Virgin Media’s network at your home, there won’t be many better times to find such a well-priced ultrafast deal. And until Thursday 19th October, you can only get it with Uswitch.”

- Max Beckett, Uswitch broadband expert

Virgin Media: is it right for you?

Virgin Media uses a separate network from other providers, covering just over half of the UK compared to the 97% achieved by Openreach providers.

However, what sets Virgin Media apart is its widely available ultrafast speeds. While many providers offer the same speed options as Virgin nowadays, their ultrafast deals have much less coverage. So you’re currently more likely to be able to enjoy 100Mbps and higher from Virgin than you are any other provider.

To find out if Virgin Media is the right choice for you, check out Uswitch's Virgin Media broadband review for an in-depth analysis of what this provider has to offer.

Finding the right deal for you

When considering your internet service provider, it's essential to choose a speed that aligns with your household's specific needs.

To avoid overspending or compromising on speed, visit Uswitch's broadband deals page to help you find the perfect package for your requirements.

Our best broadband deals

Search on Uswitch to find the right broadband package for you.


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