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Switch energy in minutes

The price cap is due to drop to £1,568 from 1 July - a new two-year low for energy prices. If you're on a standard variable tariff, this is a great time to switch to a fixed deal. Run an energy comparison to see fixed energy deals that are currently available.

What should I consider when switching energy?

  • Do consider exit fees. You may change your mind about your fixed deal and want to switch again. But if this happens after your cooling-off period, you might have to pay an exit fee. Not all tariffs have exit fees but most do, so make sure to check the terms of your current tariff. 

  • Do consider the length of the deal. Most tariffs last for 12 or 24 months. During this time the price cap could rise or fall based on market conditions, so consider how long you would like to stay locked in for.

  • Do stay informed. Keep a close eye on the market and run regular comparisons to see what deals are on offer. If you sign up for alerts, you can stay close to what’s happening in the energy market and find out when a good deal comes along.

  • Don’t get a deal you can't afford. Make sure you can afford the deal you choose and don’t rush into one that you'll struggle to pay for. 

  • Don’t just look at the direct debit amount. The price you pay through Direct Debit each month is usually based on your estimated energy usage over a year. This may not be the actual cost. Make sure you look at the unit rate and standing charge to work out how much you will be charged for your energy usage. You can also see how it differs from what you’re paying now.
    Find out more about fixing your energy deal here.

Our customers are our priority. Here's what they're saying about the Uswitch energy switching service.

"First decent offer of a fixed price deal for a long time and the process took less than 5mins, could not have been easier."

David Barr, Uswitch customer
23 January 2024

How to switch energy