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How do I read my ScottishPower bill?

If you're having trouble making heads or tails of your ScottishPower energy bill, don't worry, you're not alone. We’ve taken a sample ScottishPower energy bill and shown you where you'll find the key information.
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couple reading their bills

The main info on your ScottishPower bill

This ScottishPower sample bill may not look exactly like yours (bill info varies based on your meter type and method of payment), but the format will be similar.

Overview of charges

Scottish power bill

The first page of your bill will show you the headline figures for your account: your account balance, monthly payment and previous meter readings. It will also show you your tariff name and how this bill's reading was taken. There's also a QR code that you can scan with your phone to access information about your tariff and usage.

Tariff information

scottishpower 2

The second page of your bill shows you the basic information about your tariff that you'd need to know if you were thinking about switching it. Most of it is available on the first page, but it's easier to find on the second.

Usage and charges breakdown

ScottishPower bill page 3

Here you can see the breakdown of your usage and how that translates into the amount you've been charged for this period when you multiply your kWh by the unit rate on your tariff. Your electricity supply number (MPAN) and/or gas supply number (MPRN) are displayed at the bottom left hand side of your gas or electricity bill. Your MPAN is the one starting with an S, and the MPRN is simply a string of 10 numbers.

The rest of the bill contains information about saving energy, but it isn't personalised to your energy usage. For personalised energy saving information, you can download Utrack, Uswitch's free mobile app that connects to your smart meter, monitors your home energy usage and shows you where you can save.

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