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Co-op Energy tariffs, prices, reviews and other information

Co-op Energy is part of the Midcounties Co-operative and is partnered with Octopus Energy. The partnership brings together two companies that aim to offer fair pricing, simplicity and excellent customer service.
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Co-op Energy Logo

Why choose Co-op Energy?

Co-op Energy is powered by Octopus and prides itself on offering 100% renewable energy which is sourced from community solar, wind, and hydro farms.

All energy tariffs offered by Co-op Energy include 100% renewable electricity as standard. The supplier's power comes from local sources all over the country which generate green energy from wind, sunshine and water.

Co-op Energy is unique among energy providers because it invests in community renewable energy projects to help people sustainably power the areas they live in. It helps local groups invest in renewable energy systems and products like solar panels and wind turbines, with the projects owned and run by the communities they power. 

Reasons to choose Co-op Energy include:

  • Backed by one of the UK’s most innovative suppliers in Octopus

  • 100% renewable energy offered on all tariffs

  • Unique community energy concept

  • No exit fees on fixed tariffs.

You can find out more about Co-op Energy on the supplier's website.

What tariffs are offered by Co-op Energy?

As a smaller supplier, Co-op Energy doesn’t offer as many tariffs as a larger supplier might do. As of May 2024, it offers three:

  • A Fixed Tariff - this is a fixed price tariff whose unit rates and standing charges are fixed and won’t rise or fall for the duration of the contract, which lasts for a year. Unusually for a fixed tariff, Co-op’s offering doesn’t include exit fees.

  • A Flexible Tariff - this is a standard variable tariff whose unit rates and standing charges rise and fall depending on the level of the energy price cap, which is subject to wholesale market changes.

  • A Community Power tariff - a unique fixed price tariff that uses 100% renewable community-generated energy (as explained above). 

Does Co-op Energy charge exit fees?

Unusually among energy suppliers, Co-op Energy doesn’t currently charge exit fees for the two fixed tariffs listed above. This is in line with Octopus’s policy.

Have Co-op Energy prices risen in 2024?

Co-op Energy prices on its Flexible Tariff do rise and fall in line with the energy price cap, so its prices went up in January when the new price cap period began on New Year’s Day. However, since then, a new price cap has come into effect and prices have fallen again. It’s worth noting that Co-op Energy’s Flexible tariff prices tend to be set marginally lower than the price cap level rather than being pushed as high as possible.

Do I need to do anything about Co-op Energy price rises?

Energy prices are set to remain fairly low in 2024 in the context of the astronomical highs seen in recent years. If you wish to switch away from Co-op Energy for a better deal, you should be free to do so at any point because of Co-op Energy’s lack of exit fees. 

Co-op Energy 2024 reviews

As of May 2024, Co-op Energy has a TrustPilot score of 4.8 from over 6,600 reviews although it appears that some people are reviewing Octopus instead.

Co-op Energy renewable energy

Co-op Energy’s tariffs include 100% renewable energy from sources including solar, wind and hydropower. 

Does Co-op Energy offer energy-efficient products?

Co-op Energy's website doesn't mention energy efficiency products but Octopus may be able to offer Co-op customers heat pumps and new boilers.

Can I get a smart meter with Co-op Energy?

Co-op Energy's website doesn't mention smart meters but, again, it's possible that customers can order one via Octopus instead.

How do I contact Co-op Energy?

Existing customers can contact Co-op Energy by phone on 0808 164 1088 between 9am and 5pm Monday-Thursday and 9am and 4pm on Fridays.

Does Co-op Energy have an app?

Co-op Energy's website doesn't mention an app, but it's possible that customers can manage their accounts via the Octopus Energy app instead.

Which providers are similar to Co-op Energy?

There aren’t many suppliers similar to Co-op Energy. If you want more tariff options and more product offerings, you might consider going directly to Octopus because Co-op Energy’s offering is fairly streamlined.

Is Co-op Energy going bust?

There is no indication that Co-op Energy is going bust. However, the energy market is challenging and unpredictable at the moment and there is a certain level of risk to some suppliers - find out why in our energy market Q&A guide.

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