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The Co-operative Energy

Co-operative Energy is part of the Midcounties Co-operative

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Co-op Energy customer rating 2018

co operative supplier rating

The Co-operative Energy was rated four stars out of five in the most recent 2018 survey of energy customers. The survey, which included more than 17,000 respondents and is the largest survey of its kind in the energy sector, was run by YouGov on behalf of uSwitch.

The supplier earned its rating based on top scores from customers for value for money, customer service and how likely they were to recommend the supplier to others.

About Cooperative Energy

Co-operative Energy is owned by the customers rather than shareholders, who in turn help make decisions about how much profit is shared and how much is invested.

The Co-operative Energy try to ensure the gas and electricity they source contains less than half the carbon content of the national average.

The supplier aims to provide a fair, transparent energy service, and has a long-term view to customer aquisition, so does not offer the cheapest tariffs on the market — instead offering among the cheapest tariffs consistently.

Co-operative price changes

In February 2017, Co-operative announced a price rise of 5% (£58 per year on average) for standard gas and electricity customers, effective 1 April 2017.

The price rise was the second in six months from the small supplier; in October 2016, the supplier increased prices by 3%.

Claire Osborne, Energy Expert with uSwitch, noted: "This is yet another reminder that loyalty doesn’t pay." With nearly 1 million Co-operative Energy customers impacted, that's too many households looking at paying up to £90 more per year (taking into account both price rises).

Acquisition of GB Energy and Flow Energy customers

In November 2016, small energy supplier GB Energy went out of business, and Co-op Energy absorbed its 160,000 customers.

In May 2018, Co-op Energy acquired Flow Energy's 130,000 customers — though the supplier would continue to operate Flow Energy as a separate brand.

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