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The world's best connected landmarks

Catherine Hiley headshot
Written by Catherine Hiley, Senior Content Editor

8 April 2021

We’re all counting down the days until we can go on holiday again. Now more than ever, getting the perfect holiday selfie is vital to give our followers the ultimate FOMO (fear of missing out). If you didn’t post your trip on Instagram, did you really go?
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Cellular Sightseeing - the worst landmarks around the world for signal strength
Cellular Sightseeing - the worst landmarks around the world for signal strength

We’ve pulled together a list of the 20 landmarks that have the strongest cellular signal and internet connection available. Whether you want to rival the Kardashians in your selfie game or prefer a picturesque landscape shot, this will show you which landmark has the best connection so you’ll be able to upload your high-quality snaps on demand to make all your followers jealous.

Our comparison shows that, despite being some of the most photographed monuments in the world, they may not all be the best connected. So where is best in terms of cellular sightseeing?

Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco

Cellular Sightseeing - Golden Gate Bridge
Cellular Sightseeing - Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge has been ready for its close-up since it was first built in 1933. You might recognise the famous landmark being destroyed in Hollywood Blockbusters, such as ‘Rise of the Planet of Apes’, ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, or ‘Star Trek’. Despite its destruction onscreen, it’s not hard to see why this stunning landmark is such a popular tourist selfie spot.

With internet speeds of 67Mbps and an abundance of free Wi-Fi, the Golden Gate Bridge takes the top spot on our list. Choosing the right filter has never been easier, with the fastest 5G connection in the world you’ll be able to FaceTime home with a crystal clear picture. We recommend taking your snaps from Baker Beach, Battery Spencer, or Hawk Hill for the perfect shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Statue of Liberty: New York

Cellular Sightseeing - Statue of Liberty
Cellular Sightseeing - Statue of Liberty

You’ve heard of a New York minute, but what about Green Goddess in seconds? The buzz of the city that never sleeps might be due to its strong cellular signal. With speeds of 33Mbps at the Statue of Liberty, you’ll be able to upload your holiday snaps in a matter of seconds. 

To reach the Statue of Liberty, visitors need to take the ferry from either New Jersey or Lower Manhattan ferry ports. Despite being built on a man-made island in 1875, tourists have access to 5G signals and free Wi-Fi! The Statue of Liberty remains a symbol of freedom and democracy in America but also makes the perfect “We’re in New York'' selfie.

Sydney Opera House: Sydney

Cellular Sightseeing - Sydney Opera House
Cellular Sightseeing - Sydney Opera House

Its unique architecture makes the Sydney Opera House one of the most iconic buildings and recognisable landmarks in the world. The design of the Sydney Opera House was inspired by nature, Jørn Utzon’s was influenced by bird wings, clouds, shells and palm trees.

Whether you take pictures from Milsons Point, the Sydney Harbour Bridge or on the steps outside the famous Opera House, Sydney’s 32Mbps internet speed means if you’re video calling friends and family from the other side of the world, you’ll be able to show off this Australian spectacle in high quality! 

The Eiffel Tower: Paris

Cellular Sightseeing - Eiffel Tower
Cellular Sightseeing - Eiffel Tower

La vie est en rose à Paris! The Eiffel Tower is the first European landmark to make it onto our list. Whether you’re recreating your favourite magazine editorials or having a family photoshoot in front of the iconic landmark, you won’t have to worry about uploading your photo, as the French cellular signal of 31Mbps means you’ll get a quick upload. The free Wi-Fi might not be as good as what you’re used to at home but it’s fast enough to make all your Facebook friends envious of your holiday snaps.

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Machu Picchu: Machu Picchu Archaeological Park, Peru

Cellular Sightseeing - Machu Picchu
Cellular Sightseeing - Machu Picchu

At 2,430 meters above sea level, this bit of land in the clouds is at the top of many bucket lists for a reason! Hiking up the Inca Trail will invoke the adventurer inside you and make your friends and family jealous once they see your holiday photos.

The trek up the trail is 25 miles which would take around four days to reach Machu Picchu. And while there might be plenty of opportunities to snap the perfect picture on your mobile, you can expect erratic cell service of 10Mbps and no Wi-Fi while you’re on the trek. However, some cafes and hotels offer free Wi-Fi for their guests, due to the remote location you may not have the strongest signal for your usual heavy data usage. Visitors will have to wait until you have access to Wi-Fi or good reception to hit upload but the experience will be like no other! 

Taj Mahal: Agra, India

Cellular Sightseeing - Taj Mahal
Cellular Sightseeing - Taj Mahal

The Crown Jewel of India and one of the seven wonders of the world, it’s no surprise that the Taj Mahal has up to 8 million visitors each year. The Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of undying love and in memory of Emperor Shah Jahan's wife. Many can’t wait to behold the beauty of asymmetrical architecture, hoping to find the perfect spot to capture it in all its beauty! 

In comparison to other famous landmarks on our list, visitors might find the cellular connection to be lacking in comparison to the others. With 7Mbps cellular signal and limited free Wi-Fi, you will probably struggle to maintain a decent video call or livestream to your followers, but that means you can take your time enjoying the beauty of this wonder.

The Great Pyramid of Giza: Cairo, Egypt

Cellular Sightseeing - Great Pyramid of Giza
Cellular Sightseeing - Great Pyramid of Giza

As one of the last remaining wonders of the ancient world, no amount of photos can do The Great Pyramid of Giza justice. While we might be used to messaging a picture of our day-to-day lives in a matter of seconds, to snap a picture at this legendary location might take a bit longer to load. A visit to the pyramids will transport tourists to Ancient Egypt and the poor cellular signal is to be expected despite there being a bustling city with amenities moments away. 

By the end of 2021, a €17,000,000 revamp is expected to be complete in order to boost the Egyptian economy.  The refurbishment is set to include an environmentally-friendly electric bus, the first restaurant and cafe ever to be located on-site, as well as a cinema and free Wi-Fi, which will be ideal for your Insta uploading needs!

The Great Wall of China: China

Cellular Sightseeing - Great Wall of China
Cellular Sightseeing - Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the largest man-made structure ever built and dates back as far as the third century B.C.  Whether you choose to hire a guide or discover the beauty of the Great Wall at your own pace, getting the perfect photo is the best way to commemorate your visit.

While you might be planning your poses for your Insta-worthy selfie, visitors should note that you can expect 2Mbps of cellular data, meaning that you’ll have to put your phone in your pocket and wait until your back at your hotel or on Wi-Fi to upload your pictures straight to Instagram and TikTok. To put this speed into perspective, the average internet speed in China is 148Mpbs which is enough to stream ultra-HD video on 6 devices at the same time, or download a HD movie in 4 minutes.

Landmarks ranked by cellular strength

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We compared the mobile phone signal strength and Wi-Fi strength at a variety of worldwide landmarks using Nomadlist

All data is correct as of 25 March 2021.