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iD Mobile deals and offers

  • Uswitch Awards Best Network for Data 2024
  • Uswitch Awards Best Contract Value For Money 2024
  • Bill capping and data rollover
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Wi-Fi calling

Why choose iD Mobile?

Uswitch Awards Best Network for Data 2024

Uswitch Awards Best Contract Value For Money 2024

Bill capping and data rollover

iD Mobile plans let you cap your monthly spend so you can't run up unexpected charges. Unused data is automatically rolled over to next month too, so you get a second chance to use it.

Nationwide coverage

iD Mobile is a subsidiary of retail giant Carphone Warehouse. Its service is based on Three’s network infrastructure, so is able to offer 98% nationwide coverage.

Wi-Fi calling

Got a dead spot in your home where your phone signal dips? No problem. On iD you can use your Wi-Fi signal to keep the conversation flowing loud and clear, wherever you are at home.

Our best iD Mobile phone deals and contracts

Looking for our best iD mobile phone deals? Check out these iD deals on the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and more smartphones:

Is iD Mobile a good network?

It’s safe to say that iD Mobile provides a great service, this network covers 99% of the UK so most of the country can benefit from its offering.

It’s powered by Three, so you can also benefit from the super fast 5G. There are plenty of excellent features that come with an iD Mobile SIM too, from data rollover to bill capping. Keep reading to find out more.


iD's coverage spans 99.8% of the UK outdoor population, so the network has you covered.


iD Mobile's service is based on Three’s network with an average connection speed of 22.55Mbps. That's according to a network speed survey conducted by OpenSignal (1 Dec 2017 - 28 Feb 2018)

And with 5G now on iD, you can enjoy even faster data speeds, better connectivity in busy places and less buffering when watching films or making video calls. With average speeds up to 9x faster than 4G, you can download apps and stream high-res movies in seconds.

*5G compatible device and 5G coverage required.


All iD Mobile SIM only and mobile phone plans allow you to use your UK monthly allowances of data, calls and texts in 50 locations in Europe and beyond for no extra charge.

There is, however, a 30GB cap for data roaming in the EU, after which additional charges will apply.


iD Mobile is a low-cost mobile network that’s a subsidiary of tech retail giant Currys. Running on Three’s network infrastructure, iD Mobile offers coverage across 99.8% of the UK, flexible sim only deals and pay monthly smartphone plans to suit everyone. Plus get free 5G, WiFi Calling, Roaming and Data Rollover at no extra cost on all plans.

Customer Service

To help you get answers faster, iD Mobile’s customer service is 100% online. Here are all the ways you’ll find help and support:

iD Mobile Community

Get access to the help you need 24/7, browse useful articles and chat to fellow iD community members to get answers to all your questions.

Chat bot

Talk to our chat bot for simple queries or speak to an adviser for anything else.

iD Mobile app and My Account online

Take control of your iD Mobile account and manage everything easily on the app, or by logging in online

Automated phone service

Check your remaining allowances, make payments and more with iD Mobile’s automated phone service.


iD Mobile offers a selection of tariffs, all of which offer these benefits:

Inclusive roaming in 50 locations

All customers on iD Mobile SIM-only and mobile phone plans allow you to use your UK monthly allowances of data, calls and texts in 50 locations in Europe and beyond for no extra charge.

Data rollover

iD Mobile allows customers to rollover unused data from one to another for free, so you've got a second chance to use it. Any data that's unused from last month is rolled over automatically.

Bill capping

Customers can set spending limits for monthly bills for the UK and overseas, to avoid being hit with unexpected charges.

A buffer of up to £5 extra is available, however, which they can use when they need an extra allowance.

Caps can be adjusted with the iD Mobile app.


Launched in 2015, iD Mobile promised consumers “capped plans for the lowest price on the market” and roaming plans that it claims “cover more European countries than anyone else”.

It uses Three's network to ensure customers get nationwide coverage and fast speeds.

Early upgrades

iD Mobile doesn't offer a mid-contract handset upgrade scheme that's comparable to Tesco Mobile's Anytime Upgrade Flex or O2 Refresh. However, customers who renew contracts are often able to get a new phone before their existing contract ends.


### How do I unlock my iD Mobile phone?

If your iD phone is locked, you have to wait for 6 months and have paid any outstanding balance before the network will unlock the device for you.

Why is iD Mobile so cheap?

You can get a cheap iD Mobile deal across a range of handsets, including the latest iPhone range of smartphones. Powered by Three’s network, iD’s price doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality.

How do I cancel my iD Mobile contract?

If you’ve come to the end of your iD contract, you just need to ring iD Mobile and inform them you’d like to switch to a new deal. You can then negotiate new terms or move to another network.

Are iD mobile phones unlocked?

Mobile phones are sometimes locked to iD, but you can get them unlocked provided you’ve been on your deal for 6 months and have paid off your balance.