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Moving house checklist - broadband

Moving house is a stressful and exciting time. Amid all the chaos, though, it is important to think about what you're going to do with your internet connection and including it on your moving house checklist.

This guide will help you decide whether to transfer your existing package to your new property or change to something new, and tick something else off your checklist for moving house.

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  • Are you under contract with your current ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

  • Has your ISP raised prices mid-contract? If so, a change in the law means you're now free to leave without penalty.

  • Are you happy with your current package and broadband provider?

  • Does your current provider operate in the area you are moving to?

  • Can your current provider bundle products like TV, phone and internet together?

  • If your current ISP doesn't have coverage in the area you're moving to, which providers do have coverage?

If you think any of these issues need addressing, use the uSwitch broadband postcode checker to see which broadband packages are on offer in your new area.

This will also tell you whether your current ISP operates in the area you are moving to. Most ISPs will allow you to move your broadband connection to another property, as long as they have coverage in that area. A small charge may be payable, but it's another thing to tick off your moving house checklist.

Moving house checklist

Keeping your provider

It may not always make sense to change. It is worth staying with your current provider and simply transferring your broadband if:

  • Your current ISP has coverage in your area

  • You are happy with your broadband connection

  • You are still under contract and don't want to pay cancellation costs

Changing your provider

It makes sense to change to a new broadband provider if:

  • You are unhappy with their service

  • You are out of contract and looking for a better deal

  • Your current ISP does not operate in the area you're moving to

How to transfer

In order to change, you will need to call the provider you want to join and ask them to arrange the switch.

To find your provider's customer services number please visit our Switching Broadband guide page.

Moving house checklist - broadband

In order to change you will need to set a cancellation date for when you want your current package to end. You can then look at which new packages are on offer in the area you're moving to by entering your postcode into our post code checker. The first step is to contact your provider and find out some information.

  • Find out when your contract expires

  • Find out what cancellation fees apply and then either

  • Transfer your connection to your new address, or

  • Cancel your account

Contacts for your moving house checklist

The telephone numbers of all providers can be found out by reading our Switching broadband page.

Time is of the essence when it comes to setting up your broadband connection in your new property. Planning ahead will minimise inconvenient waiting times.