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New and used car warranties and extended car warranty explained

New and used car warranties and extended car warranty explained

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While car insurance can cover the cost of repairing your vehicle after an accident, taking out a car warranty could be a useful extra for when something inexplicably goes wrong with your vehicle.

There are different types of car warranty, so it's important to find the right cover for you and your car's needs.

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What is car warranty?

Although not all the same, car warranty policies generally protect your car's parts in the event they malfunction or break down when it wasn't your fault.

Car warranty will often come as standard on new vehicles and typically runs for up to seven years. However, this won't always cover items such as tyres and batteries, which tend to lose shelf-life with time.

When you decide to get a car warranty quote, you may discover a variety of extras aside from the standard protection of car parts.

Parts and labour will cover the cost of repairing the broken-down component of your car, but you may also wish to consider getting European cover if driving abroad.

Other options include breakdown recovery, car hire, emergency travel and overnight accommodation for worst case scenarios that could leave drivers stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Used car warranty

As new vehicles come with car warranty as standard, most new car owners tend to stick with it until the term ends, rather than upgrade to a policy with more benefits.

Thus, used car warranty is really the standard type of warranty that consumers are usually searching for on the market.

It all comes down to asking yourself: is car warranty worth it?

Car warranty costs depend on the car you have and how expensive those parts are to repair.

This means that some performance vehicles and classic cars will be excluded from the market.

According to research by Warranty Direct, one in three cars between four and nine years old break down each year, at an average repair cost of over £270.

Car breakdown

Those repairs will be arranged through your car warranty, but the warranty itself could cost anything upwards of £100 per year — it may be worth getting a quote to see if you could save money on repairs.

While many drivers have it more for peace of mind, it's worth noting that warranty can make a car more attractive if you plan to sell it later on – although providers will usually charge a relatively small transfer fee for this.

Ultimately, it comes down to the cost of repairs and the frequency of breakdowns versus the cost of the warranty plus the value of your peace of mind.

Car insurance vs car warranty

Car insurance is a necessity and ensures you are covered in the event that your vehicle damages someone else's vehicle or property.

Meanwhile, car warranty guarantees your parts if they fail through no fault of your own.

However, it's not all that black and white. For instance, if your car breaks down through no fault of your own, and as a result, hits another vehicle in the process, your warranty is unlikely to cover the cost of that damage – just for the parts and labour repair.

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