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Text to switch with Sky Mobile

Why you should switch to Sky Mobile.
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text to switch

What is Text to Switch?

As of 1 July 2019, swapping mobile providers is as easy as sending a text. New Ofcom rules, which have been in the making for 18 months, now mean you don’t need to have that awkward call with your provider to tell them you’ve had enough of their poor coverage and average customer service.

How do I do it?

It’s simple. All you need to do is text 65075 to get your PAC code from your provider. This code will let you keep your phone number when you move to your new network.

If you don’t want to keep your phone number, text 75075 to request your STAC code. Then you just need to call Sky Mobile on 0800 759 1256 or head to Sky Mobile’s website. This should have you up and running on Sky’s award-winning network within a single day.

What deals should I look out for?

Sky Mobile has some excellent deals, but our pick is undoubtedly its 8GB data SIM-only package. For just £10 per month over a year long contract, you get 8GB of data along with unlimited calls and texts. Best of all, this price has come down from £15, giving you a £60 saving across the length of the contract.

Alternatively, you can snag the stunning Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 6.4–inch Infinity O display, triple rear cameras and 128GB storage for just £42 per month. This comes with a saving of £150.

A range of SIM-only plans

Sky Mobile is aimed primarily at data-savvy customers. And its SIM-only plans are first-rate for anyone who likes a bargain.

Prices start at £6 per month for 1GB, 4GB for £12, the aforementioned bargain £10 cut price deal for 8GB. Or if you’re a heavy data user, you can get 20GB for £20 per month. Those who spend all their time on their phone can snag 40GB for £30 a month.

There are a range of phone deals too with Sky Swap

Sky Mobile originally launched with a range of SIM-only tariffs, but has since added a range of competitive monthly phone contracts.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. Sky Mobile Swap lets you upgrade to a new phone more regularly than standard contracts. So rather than being stuck with the same device for two years, you can upgrade to a new handset every year.

Want to find out more? Check out our complete guide to Sky Mobile Swap.

It comes with free data rollover

Yup, you read that right. In a bid to end the days of consumers losing their leftover data at the end of each month, Sky Mobile lets you roll over any of your data at the end of each month and put it in an online ‘piggybank’. This feature is known as Roll.

That data will be there whenever you want to use it for up to three years at no extra cost, giving the network a distinct advantage over other providers that offer much less generous rollover options.

It's backed by O2

Way back in 2015, it was announced that O2 would be the bedrock of Sky Mobile’s phone service. So Sky Mobile is what's called an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

That means O2 provides the network infrastructure while Sky delivers the service to customers.

This is broadly similar to TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile’s arrangement with O2 and means Sky Mobile offers extensive coverage and good speeds.

Connect to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots

Sky Mobile customers can expect average speeds of 10Mbps, according to industry regulator Ofcom’s 2016 study. And in the event you can’t get reception or want to save data, you can take advantage of the 20,000 Sky Wi-Fi hotspots found across the UK.

Simply turn on WiFi, select _TheCloud from the network list and follow the on screen instructions.

Calls and texts are free for everyone

When Sky Mobile first launched, non-Sky TV customers had to pay for calls and texts, either by paying a flat monthly fee or paying for what they used each month. Now though, everyone gets free calls and texts, making the service even more alluring than before.

There are added incentives for existing Sky TV customers

With Watch, Sky Mobile customers who have a Sky TV subscription can watch TV on the go without using any of their data allowance. That means bonuses like catching up with Big Little Lies via Sky Go, letting the kids watch Toy Story or other classic movies on long journeys or using the Sky Sports app to stream Premier League matches or the Ashes.

What’s more, you can also download and save shows for watching offline via Sky Go Extra. And using the same app, you can register up to four devices for viewing streams and recordings while they're out and about.

You can change your contract and allowances whenever you like!

Sky Mobile phone using mix feature

With Mix, Sky Mobile customers can change their monthly allowance depending on how much data they use.

So, if you’re paying for way more data than you’re using or you don’t have enough to satisfy your smartphone cravings, you can simply amend your tariff. That way, you can make sure you only pay for what you use.

There are family SIM plans

In keeping with Sky’s reputation as a family-friendly provider, families can take up to five SIMs on Sky Mobile. They can then pool all their unused data together into a single piggybank and share it out whenever a family member needs a bit of a top-up. What’s more, everyone in the family gets free calls and texts.

How Sky Mobile compares with other networks

As we mentioned above, Sky Mobile’s main selling point over other networks is the online ‘piggybank’ that allows you to roll over and store as much unused data as you like for up to three years.

So, unlike other networks, Sky Mobile lets you keep all the unused data you’ve paid for rather than only allowing you to keep one month’s unused data or operating a ‘use it or lose it’ policy.

In terms of pricing, Sky Mobile’s plans are broadly comparable to other main networks.

Roaming on Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile's Roaming Passport Plus costs £6 per day for 24 hours and lets you use your allowance in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Qatar, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong and Turkey.

To find out which locations are covered, read our Sky Mobile roaming FAQ.

Sky Mobile has helped to save consumers a lot of money

Sky Mobile has helped customers save £20 million worth of data thanks to its data rollover scheme. Sky's Roll service lets you store unused data in an online piggybank to be used whenever you like. Research commissioned by Sky shows that customers have not felt the need to buy data they do not use, which has ended up saving them a fortune.


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