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Feature image with the title 'UK mobile phone statistics, 2022' and a man sitting in a beanbag whilst using his phone.

UK mobile phone statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest UK mobile phone statistics and trends for 2022, covering mobile phone ownership statistics, sales, usage, connectivity, and more.

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Picture of TV and computer screens stacked in a pyramid formation

How much of your time is Screen Time?

Uswitch reveals what percentage of our lives we spend looking at screens and the effects it has on our wellbeing.

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Revealed: The cost of making TikTok’s most loved Starbucks iced coffees at home

Looking at 20 different Starbucks recipes on TikTok, we reveal just how much you could save by making the drinks yourself.

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Image of the dropping off the grid tool

Dropping off the grid

We’ve rounded up the best places to go completely off grid, looking at areas with poor internet connectivity, limited phone signal and bad transport to major cities

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Professional woman using phone in front of office

Predictive Sexism: Is your mobile phone sexist?

Uswitch reveals how gender bias predictive text algorithms are on mobile phones.

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Picture of Sky Garden, London

Revealed: The UK’s most Instagrammable bars to visit this summer

Taking 14 of the most populated cities around the UK we reveal which bars are the most Instagrammable

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The world’s best connected landmarks

Uswitch reveals the world’s best connected landmarks around the world.

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German words that describe Coronavirus perfectly, illustrated

From Coronafußgruß to Schnutenpulli, these German words perfectly describe our pandemic experience.

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TikTok on a mobile phone

TikTok Music Influence

Uswitch reveal how TikTok has influenced the music industry

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