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Mobile studies

How does mobile phone use impact our health banner image

How does mobile phone use impact our health?

We've surveyed mobile phone users across the UK to highlight the most common usage injuries and their impacts on our health.

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Most Reliable Mobiles

We’ve analysed the most popular mobile phones, across Apple, Samsung and Google to reveal the most reliable overall.

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Feature image with the title 'UK mobile phone statistics, 2023' and a man sitting in a beanbag whilst using his phone.

UK Mobile Phone Statistics 2023 - Mobiles Facts and Stats Report

We’ve collated the latest UK mobile phone statistics and trends for 2023, covering mobile phone ownership statistics, sales, usage, connectivity, and more.

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Mobile emissions header

Mobile Emissions

We’ve analysed e-waste quantities in the UK and around the world, to reveal how e-waste has changed over time and how it is expected to increase in the future.

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Picture of TV and computer screens stacked in a pyramid formation

How much of your time is Screen Time?

Uswitch reveals what percentage of our lives we spend looking at screens and the effects it has on our wellbeing.

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Image of the dropping off the grid tool

Dropping off the grid

We’ve rounded up the best places to go completely off grid, looking at areas with poor internet connectivity, limited phone signal and bad transport to major cities

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