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Danske Bank

Danske Bank mortgages are designed for residential customers and include base rate tracker, repayment and fixed rate mortgages.

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About Danske Bank

Danske Bank is Danish. It was founded in 1871 by saddle maker and broker, Gottlieb Hartvig Abrahamsson Gedalia and was originally known as Den Danske Bank, which when translated from Danish means “the Danish Bank”. The bank survived numerous periods of economic crisis and continued to grow and prosper. In 1973, the Danske Bank was the first bank to introduce online connectivity in its branches. In 1983 the bank opened its first branch in London and in 2000 the bank shortened its name to Danske Bank.

The bank’s headquarters are in Copenhagen. It is the largest bank in Denmark; it is also a major European retail bank with several million customers across Northern Ireland and the rest of Europe. Customers can enjoy a wide variety of different services at the Danske Bank.

The bank offers personal, private and business banking facilities. They provide many day to day products, including current and savings accounts, plus credit cards. Danske Bank also provides mortgages, loans and insurance services. First time buyers can take out a Danske Bank mortgage with a smaller deposit. There are also cashback deals on offer for first time buyers. Customers can switch from their current lender to a Danske Bank mortgage. There are special deals for switching customers, including cashback and zero arrangement fees.

Danske Bank offers two main repayment options: capital and interest, and interest only. In the case of interest only mortgages, customers need to have a suitable repayment vehicle in place.

Existing customers wishing to release some of the equity in their home can apply to the Danske Bank for an additional borrowing mortgage.

Danske Bank mortgage consultants are there to give customers advice on which mortgage is most suitable for their personal circumstances. Once a mortgage application has been made, it will be assessed – proof of identity will be required.

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