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Hodge Lifetime

Hodge Lifetime offer products aimed at retirees, and have been offering interesting and affordable options to retirees since 1965 when they came up with their first equity release plan.

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About Hodge Lifetime

Hodge Lifetime's range of equity release and other finance products are aimed at retirees or those approaching retirement age and looking for financial products and solutions that can make doing the things you want to do in retirement easier to afford. 

Equity release is not the only way that Hodge Lifetime can offer retirees financial flexibility. Another popular product they offer to qualifying people is a retirement mortgage. 

The Hodge Lifetime Retirement Mortgage is a relatively new kind of lifetime mortgage that allows you to borrow against the value of your home. This can be a way to get a lump sum payment if there is something expensive you want to buy, like a new car or a luxury holiday. 

The idea of this product is to offer more flexible ways for pensioners to use the value of their properties to get greater financial freedom in retirement.

With a retirement mortgage as opposed to conventional equity release, you take on a new mortgage with the provider and make repayments of the interest to a schedule and rate agreed when you take out the mortgage. 

The actual capital you borrowed is recovered from the sale of the property the mortgage was taken out on when you die or leave your home to move into residential care. 

There are certain terms that relate to when and for how long the mortgage needs to be repaid which are dependent on your circumstances and the mortgages the provider is willing to offer you.

Alternatively, Hodge Lifetime offer other styles of retirement mortgage where no repayments are made and the value of the loan and the interest is collected from the sale of your house when you either pass away or move into permanent residential care. It is best to discuss with an advisor which kind of retirement mortgages are best suited to you.

Retirement mortgages by Hodge Lifetime can be a good thing to consider if you are interested in being able to make use of some of the money you have invested in your home without having to sell it, and would like an alternative to equity release plans.

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