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Global banking specialists, Investec provides bespoke financial services and products, as well as asset management, for entrepreneurs, business professionals and high net worth individuals. Use our comparison table below to find an Investec mortgage for you.

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About Investec

A specialist worldwide bank, Investec employs around 6,000 staff across the globe, at their main offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland and Australia.

Investec also has some of its other banking operations in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Botswana, and Namibia, among other locations.

Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the 1970s, Investec was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2002, and is formed together by its Asset Management, Wealth and Investment, Property, Private Banking, and Investment Banking components.

As a specialist bank, Investec focuses its services and products around its clients. This client focused approach allows Investec to tailor each of their products and service around those individual needs.

Their main clients include individuals, usually with a high net worth or high income, business professionals, and those who consider themselves to be entrepreneurs, as well as businesses and corporations, and financial advisers.

Working almost exclusively with such a niche clientele allows Investec to be able to use its expertise and specialist knowledge to provide a higher standard of banking and asset management specifically for those customers.

Individuals are able to select from a range of financial services and products, including personal and offshore savings accounts, international investment management, property financing and mortgages, and personal lending.

Investec's distinctive role in banking services rests on its internal culture of entrepreneurialism, combining a discipline in risk management, placing clients at the centre of its policies, and remaining agile to help foster innovation.

Rather than trying to be 'all things to all people', Investec aims to serve the unique, and perhaps lesser served, needs within the financial services market, where they can effectively compete at a far higher level.

By focusing their entire business and efforts towards such niche products and clients, Investec is able to offer a type of service that many of its competitors would struggle to match.

Investec mortgages

In maintaining the ethos of offering a unique client centric approach, Investec's mortgages aim to offer something out of the ordinary. By swiftly engaging and understanding the requirements of the client, Investec are able to find a personalised financial solution.

For specialist mortgages, Investec has a dedicated Specialised Lending team focusing on meeting high net worth individuals' unique borrowing needs and providing them with a range of innovative and bespoke solutions to choose from.

Investec's main mortgage services are aimed at customers looking to get a mortgage of over £1 million to finance the purchase of their new home, invest in property, or to release equity in their property assets.

Other mortgage options from Investec include the Professional Mortgage service, which is aimed at professionals who have a high income. These mortgages can help them to purchase a residential property with a mortgage of around £250,000 to £1 million.

You can use our tables above to compare mortgages from Investec.

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