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Masthaven provides a selection of secured loans and second mortgage finance on residential and investment property in the UK.

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About Masthaven

The Masthaven Group and its sister company, Masthaven Secured Loans, were created in 1983. Since then they have developed a reputation for providing a fast, friendly and professional service to clients via selected intermediaries.

Masthaven provides a selection of secured loans and second mortgage finance on residential and investment property in the UK. They provide products through brokers and mortgage advisers. Masthaven also deal directly with the public and customers can speak to a Masthaven advisor by telephone, email or in person. All mortgage applications are assessed on an individual basis by experienced underwriters.

The company only works with certified mortgage brokers. Masthaven is FCA regulated and all of their lending, including mortgage lending, conforms to the relevant legislation and regulations applicable to UK financial services providers.

Masthaven mortgage bridging loans are ideal for clients seeking temporary finance, perhaps to assist with buying a new property before the previous one has sold. Bridging finance is also suitable for property development. Bridging loans can be arranged for between one and nine months and funds can be made available within 7 days – or in exceptional circumstances within 48 hours if required.

Masthaven mortgages are suitable for clients looking to arrange a second charge loan on residential owner-occupied property or investment property.

Customers with significant equity in their properties can arrange a mixed first and second charge Masthaven mortgage. When additional security is provided, mortgage loans up to 100% are available from Masthaven Interest on Masthaven products is calculated daily. Masthaven calculates the loan to value figure based on a combination of open market value and the purchase price.

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