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Nemo Personal Finance offers a range of secured loans for homeowners. The amount that a customer can borrow will depend on how much equity they have in their property.

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About Nemo

Nemo is a personal finance subsidiary of the Principality Building Society Group, a Cardiff-based Welsh Building Society. Nemo was created in 2005, shortly after Principality acquired Loan Link Ltd in 2004. Nemo Loans was launched in the same year.

Nemo Personal Finance offers a range of secured loans for homeowners, which are sometimes referred to as homeowner loans. Secured loans differ from non-secured personal loans in that they are secured on a property, so if the borrower defaults on their payments the lender has a claim on the property, and in the case of serious debt, the customer’s home may be repossessed.

Nemo secured loans can be used to consolidate existing debt, fund large home improvements, or even pay for a dream holiday or car. Nemo Personal Finance offers a number of different secured loan products for homeowners. They are suitable for customers with homes and mortgages.

Interest rates vary according to a customer’s personal circumstances. Typically the more a customer borrows, the lower the overall interest rate will be.

The amount a customer can borrow from Nemo Personal Finance will be determined by how much equity they have in their property. When considering a Nemo mortgage secured loan application, the company carefully assesses the value of a customer’s home. The maximum amount a customer can borrow will be determined by how much the house is worth, less the value of any mortgage outstanding.

Homeowners need to be 21 years and over, and no more than 75 at the end of the secured loan term.

Nemo mortgage secured loan applications can be made online.

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