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Shepshed Building Society

The Shepshed Building Society is a small building society from Shepshed, Leicestershire that merged with the much larger Nottingham Building Society in 2013.

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About Shepshed Building Society

The Shepshed Building Society was a small, local building society that operated out of Shepshed, Leicestershire and had three branches. 

In 2013 Shepshed Building Society merged with the much larger Nottingham Building Society, which is one of the 10 largest in the UK, and they, along with their branches and all of their products, were rebranded with the Nottingham name. Now trading as Nottingham Building Society they continue to offer a wide range of financial products including mortgages.

Nottingham Building Society not only provide their own mortgages, but also have a policy of searching other providers for you too, to ensure that what you are offered is the best deal, even if it isn't one of their own products. They will search up to 40 lenders to look for the right mortgage for your circumstances.

Nottingham Building Society can provide or broker normal residential mortgages, first time buyer mortgages, remortgages and also mortgages for people who want to buy to let, either as a first time landlord or an existing landlord who wants to expand or restructure their portfolio of properties. They can also assist landlords in other ways, such as by providing landlord insurance.

An established building society like Nottingham Building Society and formerly Shepshed Building Society can be a good choice for people who want the financial stability of a proven lender but don't want to go with a 'Big Four' style high street bank.

The Nottingham Building Society was founded in 1849 by a Nottingham grocer and prominent Quaker named Samuel Fox. Since then it has grown enormously and has branches throughout the Nottingham area as well as in other parts of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Sheffield. 

As well as mortgages, the Nottingham Building Society also provides other services like insurance, savings accounts, financial planning and also services for landlords. While their locations are centred around the Midlands, people from elsewhere in the UK can also talk to them about their range of financial products, and they offer telephone and internet banking and customer support. 

Interestingly, Nottingham Building Society was one of the first financial institutions to offer a form of online banking back in 1983.

Shepshed Building Society, which is now part of the Nottingham Building Society brand, was founded in 1879 and offered mortgages, loans, savings, investments and insurance – all of which it now continues to provide trading as Nottingham Building Society. 

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