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The Mortgage Processing Centre

A dedicated specialist mortgage packager, The Mortgage Processing Centre, aim to provide customers and mortgage advisers with the tools to find a bespoke home financing solution. Use the table below to find and compare mortgages from The Mortgage Processing Centre.

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About The Mortgage Processing Centre

Launched by the LSL Property Services Group, a leading provider of residential property services, The Mortgage Processing Centre is a mortgage packager.

A mortgage packager provides useful information to mortgage brokers and works on their behalf to complete mortgage applications for the broker's clients.

Some mortgage packagers occasionally help to broker exclusive mortgage deals with lenders that are not available directly to individuals or smaller brokers.

This could include reduced interest rates, free property valuations, or consideration for a special circumstance that other lenders and banks would not normally approve.

As a result, many mortgage packagers work within a niche section of the market and focus their efforts in obtaining specialist products that separate them from the competition.

But why should anyone use a mortgage packager? When a mortgage broker helps complete the application form with the client, there is a risk that the lender will still be unsatisfied.

For example, the client's valuation of the property may not match the lender's own assessment of the property's value. This could result in the application being turned down and the client having to start the process all over again.

With a mortgage packager, like The Mortgage Processing Centre, each application is normally assessed and underwritten by the packager before it goes to the lender. This reduces the risk of getting a rejected mortgage application.

If the case does get rejected then a mortgage packager can usually transfer the customer's mortgage application to a different lender without forcing the client to complete a new application all over again.

The Mortgage Processing Centre has a dedicated 'specialist mortgage placement desk', which is in place to help brokers deal with unique or niche mortgage applications they may not have seen in the past.

As a result, The Mortgage Processing Centre is set up to deal with mortgage applications from people looking for: houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs), multiple buy-to-lets, expat buy-to-let, high net worth buy-to-let and semi-commercial lending.

They can also help find mortgages for people with bad credit or who have previously been rejected for mortgages based on their credit score.

Working with a range of regulated mortgage providers across the country, The Mortgage Processing Centre aims to be the number one mortgage packager for niche and specialist lending.

Some of the known brands who work with or have worked with The Mortgage Processing Centre include: Buckinghamshire Building Society, GE Money Home Lending, Kent Reliance, Magellan Homeloans, Precise Mortgages and Shawbrook Bank.

The Mortgage Processing Centre's experienced underwriting and processing team help lenders and mortgage brokers give hopeful homeowners the chance to finance their property purchase with their niche or specialist requirements fully catered for.

Use the table above and our mortgage comparison tables to find the right mortgage for you.

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