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From the basement to the attic: The best interior decors for each room

Organic modern or Art deco, which interior design do you prefer for your home? In their latest study, Uswitch sought to find out which interior design styles are the most popular in each room on Pinterest.

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The best interior decors for each room feature

With the rising popularity of interior design content on social media, it’s no surprise that people might now be reconsidering their home decor. In fact, according to Google Trends data, searches for ‘interior design decor’ have been steadily increasing.

With this in mind, the mortgage comparison experts at Uswitch used Pinterest to discover the most popular trends in every room in our homes.

To do this, we scraped the image-sharing platform and found 4.9 million pins (bookmarks on Pinterest) which were then used to identify the most sought after décor styles per room.

Most popular room style by pins

Bathroom (Contemporary: 172,146 pins)

Using clean lines, contemporary design is often defined by its simplicity. Neutral colours and dashes of black dominate contemporary design interiors. These clean lines mean there is no surprise so many of us favour this type of interior design in our bathrooms. 

The second most popular style for the bathroom is vintage (88,440 pins), followed by rustic (81,838 pins) as the third most popular.

Home office (Industrial: 52,163 pins)

With more and more people working from home, it's important to have a good home office. This should be a place to inspire and encourage productivity.

With 52,163 pins, industrial is the favourite look for our home offices. Characterised by large open spaces, lots of textures and bare brick walls, its purpose is to look and feel like a work environment, making this theme a perfect fit for the home office.

This room’s second most popular interior theme is vintage, gaining 42,668 pins and the third most popular, minimalist, has 38,866 total pins.

The family room (Rustic: 11,664 pins)

11,664 Pinterest pins means that rustic themed interiors are the favourite for the family room. Defined by ruggedness, the rustic style is known for its naturally aged, casual design style and offers a palette of greens, browns and autumnal colours.

With the warm, natural feeling rustic interior design invokes, this makes it a great interior look for the family room.

Our analysis analysis shows coastal design (7,382 pins) is the second most popular for the family room. This room saw the third most popular being traditional design, with 5,275 total pins.

Dining room (Shabby chic: 22,122 pins)

Another space where the family comes together is the dining room, sharing stories over the table whilst tucking into their favourite meals. With 22,122 pins, the dining room embraces shabby chic as the most popular design on Pinterest.

This home decor style is found in many homes across the UK today and is a favoured style worldwide, partly because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate your home.

The second favourite for the dining room, with 19,964 pins, is contemporary design. This is followed by rustic, with 17,896 pins in total.

Kitchen (Vintage: 391,131 pins)

The kitchen is said to be the heart of every house—full of luscious food, beautiful smells and family chatter. With a massive 391,131 Pinterest pins, vintage has become the most popular in this culinary space.

This style incorporates a warm, nostalgic feel and gives an elegant look to any room. This is especially true in the kitchen as paint colours, furniture and even appliances can be used to make the space feel vintage.  

The kitchen's second most popular was the Scandinavian design with 255,235 pins, followed by traditional coming in third with a similar amount of 254,661 pins.

Basement (Rustic: 24,400 pins)

The users of Pinterest are most interested in rustic design for their basements as there are 24,400 pins. This style goes hand in hand with the natural appearance of most basements, so you won’t have to spend hours redecorating either.

The second favourite with 18,486 pins is the industrial theme and the third most popular (with 1,682 pins) is bohemian.

Boho interior embodies a personal and relaxed style by using browns, yellow, white and reds in its colour palette. Try hanging fabric from the walls in your basement, covering furniture in fabric or placing potted plants around if you want to try out this style yourself.

Attic (Vintage: 7,841 pins)

Stepping into the attic, the most popular design style is a vintage design with 7,841 pins. It’s no wonder either, a place often used to store priceless heirlooms and antiques is perfect for this nostalgic decor.  

The second most popular according to our research is rustic interior with 2,577 pins. The third favourite is the Victorian theme at 1,198 total pins. Commonly painted in a variety of pastel and jewel tones, an attic with Victorian interior is romantic and warm, but still dramatic.

Utility room (Rustic: 166 pins)

Similar to the family room and basement, the rustic design style is also a favourite for the utility room with 166 pins. If you’re looking to recreate that rustic look for your own utility room, try to use wood throughout and make it look distressed using sandpaper. 

Coastal design became the second favourite with 67 pins and the third most popular is the weather-worn shabby chic design with 60 pins.

Living room (Vintage: 259,021 pins)

This is the space we all come together, slouch on the sofa while binge-watching our favourite TV series. We found that the most popular style for this relaxing room is vintage. Users have pinned this decor 259,021 times, hoping to achieve this glamorous look themselves. 

Feeling inspired? If you want to recreate the vintage look for your living room, why not try hanging wall art, using soft warm light throughout and using old books for vintage wall decor. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg either, visit the local charity shop for some great finds.

The second most popular theme according to Pinterest for the living room is coastal with a modest 81,114 pins and minimalist coming in third with 61,697 pins.

Bedroom (Shabby chic: 119,961 pins)

The shabby chic theme is the most popular with 119,961 total pins for the bedroom, the one room we probably spend most of our time in. A shabby chic bedroom will usually feature gentle colours like pink, pale green and pastel blues.

106,793 pins make the bohemian themed design the second most popular for the bedroom, and minimalist third most popular with 80,157 pins.

A minimalist style takes on influence from Japanese traditional design. Incorporating minimalism in the bedroom relies on a stripped back palette, maintaining simplicity throughout.

Most popular room style by pins

Let’s look at the most popular interior design themes overall according to Pinterest users. 

It appears it’s “in with the old and out with the new” as vintage comes in at number one with a staggering 876,234 pins. This number is split across several rooms, which signals a firm favourite according to Pinterest.

Placing number two is contemporary style, which has been pinned 530,883 on the platform in total. The third most popular home decor on Pinterest is the rustic theme with 412,313 total pins, and again, split quite evenly across multiple rooms.

Coming in fourth place is the traditional design style with 385,012 pins. Falling just short of this is Scandinavian interior design as there are 375,020 total pins dedicated to this decor. 

One thing is for certain, our homes are no longer just places to live. They're now spaces for self-expression and creativity. If you cherish the look of your home and want to protect its belongings, then compare home insurance and grab a quote today.


  • To uncover the most popular interior design trend for each room in the house, created a dataset that represents the interior design trends of the 10 most common rooms in houses selected from multiple sources using in-house metrics. 

  • For every room contained within the sample, 20 different popular decor themes were selected based on average keyword volume research through SEMrush.

  • Next, they utilised in-house web scraping tools to scrape Pinterest for the number of pins relating to each theme per room. Specific search parameters were used to ensure results were as accurate as possible.

  • In total, more than 4.9 million pins were scraped across 230 individual searches.

  • The resulting dataset was utilised to produce a table displaying the interior design trends in descending order. A subsequent table was created revealing the most common interior design trend for each room in the house based on the total number of pins.

  • Data was collected in October 2021 and is correct as of then.