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Global Streaming Index

Back in 2012 Netflix launched in the UK - for just £5.99 a month users could enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and television shows. Today, a monthly subscription costs up to £15.99.
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With the price of the world’s most popular streaming platform more than doubling in the last 10 years, we wanted to find out which countries have the best value streaming services.

Looking at the monthly cost and number of titles on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus, we worked out which countries get the best bang for their buck on each platform.

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The best country to have a Netflix subscription

RankCountryNumber of Netflix TitlesNetflix Premium Cost (GBP)Netflix Premium Cost (EUR)Netflix Premium Cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
7South Africa5,726£10.14€12.00$12.65£0.0018€0.0021$0.0022

Turkey - £0.0009 | €0.0011 | $0.0011 per title 

The best value country to have Netflix on our list is Turkey, in terms of price and variety of content.

In Turkey, the premium tier of Netflix costs £4.17 per month, giving users access to four screens at once as well as Ultra HD streaming quality. Turkish Netflix subscribers can choose from a range of 4,686 movies and television shows, including many popular Turkish language Netflix originals.

The cheapest Netflix subscription

RankCountryNetflix Premium Cost (GBP)Netflix Premium Cost (EUR)Netflix Premium Cost (USD)

Turkey - £4.17 | €4.94 | $5.20 per month

Turkey has the lowest priced Netflix premium subscription out of all the countries we looked at. The best value country for a Netflix subscription is also the cheapest country for Netflix on our list.

The best country to have an Amazon Prime Video subscription

RankCountryNumber of Amazon Prime Video TitlesAmazon Prime Video Cost (GBP)Amazon Prime Video Cost (EUR)Amazon Prime Video Cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
2Netherlands (the)8,798£3.40€4.02$4.24£0.0004€0.0005$0.0005
2South Africa9,009£4.01€4.75$5.00£0.0004€0.0005$0.0006
5New Zealand10,298£4.84€5.73$6.04£0.0005€0.0006$0.0006

Jamaica - £0.0003 | €0.0003 | $0.0004 per title

Jamaica is the best country to have an Amazon Prime Video membership in terms of value for money.

Those in Jamaica pay £2.41 per month for access to Amazon’s streaming services with 8,350 titles on the platform to choose from.

The cheapest Amazon Prime Video subscription

RankCountryAmazon Prime Video Cost (GBP)Amazon Prime Video Cost (EUR)Amazon Prime Video Cost (USD)

Turkey - £0.42 | €0.50 | $0.52 per month 

In Turkey, an Amazon Prime Video subscription costs £0.42 per month, or 7.90 Turkish Lira. The membership gives you access to all Amazon Prime benefits, including next day delivery.

The best country to have a Disney Plus subscription

RankCountryNumber of Disney Plus TitlesDisney Plus Cost (GBP)Disney Plus Cost (EUR)Disney Plus Cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
3New Zealand2,311£6.74€7.98$8.41£0.0029€0.0035$0.0036

Indonesia - £0.0014 | €0.0016 | $0.0017 per title

When Disney Plus first launched in Indonesia, it merged with the country’s dominant streaming platform, Star India’s Hotstar, instantly boosting its popularity. Today, a monthly subscription to Disney Plus Hotstar in Indonesia is the cheapest on our list, and gives you access to 1,581 titles including Marvel, Disney and HBO originals.

The cheapest Disney Plus subscription

RankCountryDisney Plus Cost (GBP)Disney Plus Cost (EUR)Disney Plus Cost (USD)
4Korea (the Republic of)£6.30€7.46$7.86
6United States of America (the)£6.48€7.67$8.09
7New Zealand£6.74€7.98$8.41

Indonesia - £2.18 | €2.58 | $2.72 per month

Disney Plus operates as Disney Plus Hotstar in Indonesia, following the merge with the Hotstar streaming service. For the equivalent of £2.16 a month, you can access Indonesian-language content and Disney originals.

The best value streaming service around the world

Amazon Prime Video

While each country we looked at has locally exclusive streaming services, we found that the best value service is Amazon Prime Video. In the UK, with a monthly subscription for Prime Video each title costs £0.0009, and in the US it costs £0.0007. In Canada, each title costs around £0.0007 and in Australia each title costs £0.0005.

The best value streaming service in the UK

RankStreaming serviceNumber of titles availableMonthly cost (GBP)Monthly cost (EUR)Monthly cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
1Amazon Prime Video8799£7.99€9.46$9.97£0.0009€0.0011€0.0011
3Disney Plus2296£7.99€9.46$9.97£0.0035€0.0041€0.0043
5Sky GO3,730£26.00€30.78$32.44£0.0070€0.0083€0.0087

The best value streaming service in the USA

RankStreaming serviceNumber of titles availableMonthly costMonthly cost (EUR)Monthly cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
1Amazon Prime Video9796£7.16€8.48$8.93£0.0007€0.0009€0.0009
3Criterion Channel2,947£8.88€10.51$11.08£0.0030€0.0036€0.0038
4Disney Plus1534£6.48€7.67$8.09£0.0042€0.0050€0.0053
5Acorn TV177£4.84€5.73$6.04£0.0273€0.0324€0.0341

The best value streaming service in Australia

RankStreaming serviceNumber of titles availableMonthly cost (GBP)Monthly cost (EUR)Monthly cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
1Amazon Prime Video8815£4.03€4.77$5.03£0.0005€0.0005€0.0006
5Disney Plus2317£6.88€8.14$8.59£0.0030€0.0035€0.0037

The best value streaming service in Canada

RankStreaming serviceNumber of titles availableMonthly costMonthly cost (EUR)Monthly cost (USD)Cost per title (GBP)Cost per title (EUR)Cost per title (USD)
2Amazon Prime Video8425£6.30€7.46$7.86£0.0007€0.0009€0.0009
7Disney Plus2298£7.56€8.95$9.43£0.0033€0.0039€0.0041
8Criterion Channel2,556£8.88€10.51$11.08£0.0035€0.0041€0.0043

Streaming services with the most content around the world

The UK streaming service with the most content


Amazon Prime Video - 8,799 titles

Those signed up to Amazon Prime Video have access to the most content available on any streaming service in the UK. The streaming service has over 8,000 films and TV shows available the viewers and can be subscribed to individually or as part of an Amazon Prime subscription.

The US streaming service with the most content

Global Streaming Index - Image Module

Amazon Prime Video - 9,796 titles

Amazon Prime Video has an extensive library of content for US subscribers. In fact, Amazon Prime Video has more titles in the US than in any other country except New Zealand. Of all the streaming platforms we looked at, Prime Video has the most variety followed by Netflix.

The Australian streaming service with the most content

Global Streaming Index - Image Module

Amazon Prime Video - 8,815 titles

In Australia, the streaming platform with the most content is Amazon Prime Video. Included with an Amazon Prime membership in Australia, subscribers pay just £4.03 for Prime benefits.

The Canadian streaming service with the most content

streaming uk

Amazon Prime Video - 8,425 titles

In Canada, Amazon Prime Video is the best streaming service in terms of variety. The platform has 8,425 titles to choose from, compared to Netflix which has 6,287.

The best free streaming service in the US

Global Streaming Index - Image Module

Tubi TV - 35,808 titles

Tubi TV has 35,808 titles for US subscribers to watch for no cost at all. The service is ad-supported, playing commercials before and during TV shows and movies. Out of all the free streaming services available in the US, Tubi TV has the most content.

The best free streaming service in the UK

Global Streaming Index - Image Module

Freevee Amazon Channel - 3,009 titles

Amazon Freevee, previously known as IMDb TV, is available within the Prime Video app for users with a free Amazon account. With 3,009 ad-supported titles, users from the UK can access original TV series and documentaries. Of all the free streaming services available in the UK, Amazon Freeve has the most titles.

The best free streaming service in Australia

Global Streaming Index - Image Module

Kanopy - 117,868 titles

Kanopy is a free streaming service in Australia, available for users with a library card to access an online library of mostly educational TV series and documentaries. Kanopy also has a wide range of foreign films, independent films and experimental projects.

The best free streaming service in Canada

Global Streaming Index - Image Module

Tubi TV - 18,389 titles

Tubi TV is the best free streaming service in Canada for the number of titles available. Canadian users have access to 18,389 titles on Tubi TV.

Broadband expert Catherine Hiley, at Uswitch comments: 

“With the costs of living rising, many households are deciding to cut back on their streaming subscriptions in order to save money. For those choosing between which streaming services to continue to subscribe to, there are a few things to consider, such as the number of available titles per platform and monthly subscription costs. 

“The research reveals that, for UK streamers, Amazon Prime offers both the best value for money and the highest variety of content. However, one way to save money is to unsubscribe from all paid streaming services and use free platforms instead. From All 4 to BBC iPlayer, there are thousands of free shows to watch online, with Tubi TV revealed to have the most content to pick from! 

“However, if you don’t intend to stop streaming any time soon and want to save money elsewhere, be sure to compare cheaper broadband options as an alternative way to save yourself money. It is also vital that your broadband offers a strong connection. A fibre connection of 30Mbps or more will provide for a buffer-free movie experience, allowing you to relax, sit back with your popcorn, and enjoy the on-screen masterpieces.”


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