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Broadband studies

Friends playing video games together

Legacy consoles vs modern gaming - which is better value today?

In honour of Black Friday, we analysed the real term cost today of legacy gaming consoles compared to modern day machines to find out which is better value, and offer advice on what to do with old video game consoles.

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Phone with twitch logo on screen

How to become a successful Twitch streamer

Find out exactly how to become a successful Twitch streamer or esports gamer.

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The Best Boozy Co-Working Spaces in the UK

Looking at 12 UK cities, we reveal some of the best boozy venues that are perfect for remote-working

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Picture of a Hollywood film set

Hollywood’s most successful movie production companies of all time revealed

We analysed 700 films from the 20 most profitable movie production companies to reveal which produces the best films.

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UEFA Euro 2020

With UEFA Euro 2020 in full swing, Uswitch has compiled some tips to help the nearly 15 million fans who have had goals spoiled due to delays and spoilers.

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The world's most popular karaoke songs, mapped

Taking 15 of Spotify’s most popular karaoke playlists, we have revealed the most popular karaoke songs, mapped.

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Which nationalities cheat the most at video games

Many people use video game cheat codes to boost their chances of winning, but which nation is home to the biggest cheaters? We did the research to find out.

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The online fraud report

The online fraud report from Uswitch.com reveals how much money people have lost to card fraud, eCommerce transactions and online scams.

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Picture of a couple watching TV together

Index ranking the most missed TV shows in the world

Delving into the 50 best tv shows of all time, we ranked the most missed characters, the most talked-about moments and the shows worst for complaints

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The TV Streaming Report

The UK TV Streaming Report

Take a look at the Uswitch.com TV streaming report to see the UK’s favourite shows, the most rewatched shows, and get views from the public on TV streaming.

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