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Broadband studies

Phone with twitch logo on screen

How to become a successful Twitch streamer - Uswitch

Want to start broadcasting your gaming skills to the world? Find out how to become a successful Twitch streamer or esports gamer with our tips from Knightenator.

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 Online Learning Index

Online Learning Index

We have analysed 50 UK universities on factors such as the number of online courses and university ratings, to reveal the best universities for online study.

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Feature image with the title 'Online gaming statistics 2022' and a man playing an online game using a virtual reality (VR) headset

Online Gaming Statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest online gaming statistics for 2022, covering UK gamer demographics, gaming revenue statistics, the most played video games of 2022, and more.

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The parent's guide to gaming

Parent’s Guide to PEGI Ratings and Gaming for Kids -

We reveal the best child-friendly games, as well as help parents to decipher PEGI age ratings and content descriptors.

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Image of a gaming keyboard & xbox controller with the overlay - Video Game Value

Video Game Value

We’ve analysed the world’s biggest video games to reveal the most expensive games, the highest earning companies and how game prices have changed over time.

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An image featuring cables, with the words "UK broadband statistics 2022" and "Uswitch" on the left-hand side.

UK Broadband Statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest UK broadband statistics for 2022, covering broadband access, usage, speed, cost, and more.

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Image of a gaming pc on a desk with the overlay 'gaming trend report'

Gaming trend report

We have analysed the world’s biggest games to reveal 2022's most anticipated and most popular games, the most underrated and overrated games, and more.

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Hollywood's Most Genre-Diverse Actors

We reveal which Hollywood actors have appeared in the highest variety of genres, as well as those who stick to a niche genre, based on IMDB data.

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The best value broadband connection in the US

We reveal the US states home to the best value-for-money broadband, as well as the areas with the lowest access to fibre optic broadband.

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graphic of red/black background with white overlaying text saying 'Piracy Report'

Piracy Report

Uswitch reveals which TV shows, movies, games and software are the most pirated and the effects this has on industries and personal data.

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Graphic of world map with each countries most popular football teams

Every Country’s Favourite Foreign Football Team

As so many of us watch live football from around the world, discover which foreign teams are the world’s most searched on this global football map from Uswitch.

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Cheerful young gay couple smiling cheerfully while shopping online at home.

How to stay safe online if you’re LGBTQ+

Access to online resources is vital to many in the LGBTQ+ community, whether that's social groups, travel tips or legal advice. But access to LGBTQ+ content varies widely worldwide.

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Global Streaming Index

We reveal the best value streaming services across the world, based on the average price per subscription and number of films and TV shows available.

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Successful Movie Sequels

Can a movie sequel ever be as good as the original? We reveal the best and worst movies from 20 of the highest-grossing movie franchises.

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The most and least child friendly apps

Uswitch finds the most and least child friendly apps according to data tracking.

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Global Broadband Index

Where in the world has the best broadband? We reveal the countries with the fastest and cheapest broadband.

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tv with rom com text

The best rom coms index

Find out which movies are the best rom coms according to Uswitch analysis and IMDb reviews.

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The top 150 most popular podcasts to listen to

Discover the ultimate top 150 podcasts to listen to on Castbox of the Podcast app.

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Woman typing on laptop online reviews

Amazon Best Sellers: Tech with the most trustworthy reviews

Uswitch analysed the top 50 best-selling tech products according to Amazon UK Bestsellers pages, to find out which technology has the most trustworthy reviews.

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Friends playing video games together

Legacy consoles vs modern gaming - which is better value today?

We analysed the real term cost today of legacy gaming consoles compared to modern day machines to find out which is better value, and offer advice on what to do with old video game consoles.

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