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Comparing electricity suppliers in the UK

Fed up with high bills from your electricity supplier? Uswitch is here to help you compare electric companies and switch to a better deal.
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Electricity pylons

Uswitch is an Ofgem-accredited gas and electricity price comparison website, which means you can compare energy suppliers and switch to a cheaper electricity tariff simply and worry-free. Keep reading to find out how to get started.

Does it cost money to switch electricity suppliers?

No, it doesn't cost you a penny to switch electricity suppliers. That's the best part - Uswitch's energy price comparison service is completely free to use, whether you switch or not. That means you can compare prices from electric companies as often as you like to ensure you're on a great deal (though you may need to pay exit fees to switch).

If your electricity comparison shows that there's a better deal out there on the market, then you could in fact save money by switching your electricity supplier.

Which electricity suppliers are included in a comparison?

Uswitch compares energy tariffs from a range of electricity providers. We even provide a view of UK electricity suppliers and deals we can’t help you switch to, so you can have a well-informed view of the wider energy market. It’s worth noting that energy deals from gas and electricity companies are always regional. So, if a friend or coworker switched to a great deal that you don’t see in your comparison results, it may be that the deal is not made available in your area.

How to switch electricity suppliers

To switch to a cheaper electricity supplier, simply head to our energy price comparison page and enter your postcode to see the electricity tariffs available in your area. We will ask how much energy you use, which you can find on your latest energy bill, or we can help you estimate this by asking a few questions about your general electricity consumption at home. This will help us filter the results and find the cheapest electricity supplier for you. Once you've run your electricity comparison, you'll be able to view the details of tariffs available from a wide range of electricity companies, including total cost, kWh rates and standing charges, customer service scores and general info about the tariff (including rewards, extras and incentives).

If you've chosen a plan Uswitch can help you switch to, it takes just minutes to enter your bank details and account information — Uswitch then sends the switch application to your new electricity provider and all you have to do is submit a meter reading and cancel any existing direct debits to your current electric company.

Can I get a green electricity tariff?

Yes, it's easy to find renewable tariffs through Uswitch. More and more electricity suppliers are offering 100% green electricity tariffs, and you can even filter by green plans on our energy comparison tool. To view green electricity tariffs, run a comparison and look for results with the 'green plan' label.

Start comparing green electricity tariffs today.

How to get the best fixed energy deal

Fixed energy deals are often the best value tariffs, as the rate you pay for each unit of energy stays the same for the whole fixed term - usually 12-24 months. Once your fixed deal is over, it's time to shop around for another cheap fixed deal. Uswitch is all about making this usually complex process as simple as possible for you. All you need is a recent bill from your current electricity provider to let us know how much energy you use and we will do all the leg work to help you find electricity companies and tariffs that suit you, from finding the rates to calculating your spending and savings figures. We even handle the switch process for you and, best of all; it’s completely free to you.

If you don't have an electricity bill, you can also provide an estimation of your energy usage by simply answering a few questions about your household energy consumption habits. Our energy comparison tool uses the most up-to-date rates, which we get directly from the suppliers. 

Compare electricity tariffs to find out how much you could save and get an energy deal to suit you, not the electric companies.

How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

Comparing and switching your electricity supplier online with Uswitch only takes a few minutes. Once we put your switching application through it will take up to three weeks for your old and new electric companies to arrange the switch. Most of the suppliers we work with adhere to the Energy Switch Gurantee, which aims to complete switches within five days.

What work do I need to do to help switch supplier?

When you switch electricity providers it's worth noting that there is no need for any actual work to be done in your home or anywhere on your property, unless you've opted to have a smart meter installed. In fact, there's very little required from your end when switching your electricity supplier.

Firstly, no pipes or wires need to be changed when switching. The switch, as far as customers are concerned, happens at an administrative level between the two suppliers. The only thing you need to do is take a meter reading on the day your supply is switching over. Your new electricity company will send you a letter informing you of the switching date to get you ready for this.

After you've submitted your meter reading to your new electricity provider, they will share this with your old supplier who will then send you a final bill if you still owe them money or they will credit your bank account if they overcharged you. Finally, you may wish to cancel any direct debits to your old supplier to be safe. The rest is taken care of by the electric companies.

Can I change my mind after I switch supplier?

Yes, you can change your mind within 14 days if you decide you don't want to switch your electricity supplier. However, you must do this directly through the new supplier, not through Uswitch.

Learn more in our guide on what happens after you switch energy with Uswitch.

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