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Where does my energy come from

Where does UK energy come from? Find your supplier's fuel mix

If you're wondering how the gas and electricity that fuels your home is generated, look no further. We explain where the UK gets its gas from, and have each big six supplier's electricity fuel mix.

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Where does the UK's energy come from?


The UK does have its own fuel reserves, although the nature of these reserves has changed over time, and the percentage of our fuel sourced domestically has decreased.

As such, the UK also imports gas, predominantly from Norway but also from Russia. Some gas also comes through pipelines under the channel from Belgium and the Netherlands, and in a liquid state from Qatar.


While historically the majority of our electricity was produced using coal from the UK, nowadays coal is only one component.

Today, electricity production is more complicated, as it is produced from gas, coal, nuclear and renewable sources, some of which is domestically produced and some of which is imported.

What makes up MY energy supply?

This will depend on you supplier. The majority of gas for all suppliers is supplied as outlined above. However, how a supplier sources your electricity is a bit more complicated.

First, let's look at the average fuel mix breakdown for all suppliers in 2017:

  • 13.5% Coal
  • 41.4% Gas
  • 11% Nuclear
  • 29.4% Renewable
  • 4.4% Other

Click on your supplier below to find out how their fuel mix compares to the average:

What is British Gas's fuel mix?

What is the ScottishPower fuel mix?

What is EDF Energy's fuel mix?

What is the E.ON energy fuel mix?

What is the SSE energy fuel mix?

What is the npower energy fuel mix?

What is OVO Energy's fuel mix?

How do I choose more renewable energy sources?

You can choose the type of energy you consume by choosing a particular supplier, choosing a particular plan or tariff, or by generating your own.

More and more independent suppliers are providing renewable energy fueled plans to market. Suppliers including Bulb, Bristol Energy, iSupply Energy, OVO Energy have 100% renewable electricity plans that are often cheaper than the big six standard energy deals.

To find a renewable energy deal, run an energy comparison and use the "green plans" filter.

You can also produce your own energy. The most popular form of domestic fuel generation is solar power .

If you generate your own energy you may also qualify for Feed-in Tariffs, whereby your energy supplier will pay you for the energy you generate.

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Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes