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Fuse Energy tariffs, prices, reviews and other information

Fuse Energy is an electricity-only supplier that focuses on providing 100% renewable energy to UK customers. Find out more about it here.
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Fuse Energy logo

Why choose Fuse Energy?

Fuse Energy is a relatively new energy supplier offering 100% renewable electricity-only tariffs to customers across the UK. It also invests significantly in global renewable energy projects and offers end-to-end solar panel design and installation for businesses and commercial properties.

Reasons to choose Fuse Energy include:

  • 100% green electricity as standard

  • Low exit fees

  • Good customer service record.

What tariffs are offered by Fuse Energy?

At the time of writing, Fuse Energy offers eight tariffs for customers. All tariffs are electricity-only.

  • Fixed tariffs - Fuse currently offers one fixed tariff where unit rates and standing charges are fixed for the duration of the contract. This is good for those who want price certainty.

  • Standard variable tariffs - Fuse currently offers one standard variable tariff, which is a tariff where unit rates and standing charges fluctuate according to the level of the energy price cap.  

  • Time-of-use tariffs - unusually, most of the tariffs Fuse offers would be classed as time-of-use tariffs, where energy is charged at two different rates depending on the time it’s being used. This makes them good options for those who have electric vehicles that need to be charged at home.

Does Fuse Energy charge exit fees?

In line with other energy suppliers, Fuse charges exit fees on its fixed tariffs. At the time of writing, its exit fees were set at £50.

Fuse Energy 2024 reviews

There aren’t many reviews of Fuse Energy for potential customers to look at because it hasn’t had time to build up the number that other suppliers have done. As of June 2024, the supplier has a TrustPilot score of 4.6 but from less than 200 reviews. Most reviews mention positive experiences of Fuse’s customer support in addition to being able to save compared to a price-capped standard variable tariff. 

Does Fuse Energy offer energy-efficient products?

Fuse Energy offers end-to-end commercial solar panel installation covering both roof and land installation. Fuse doesn’t act as a middleman to connect you with an actual installer. Instead, it:

  • Provides bespoke system designs

  • Handles grid connection applications

  • Constructs the system.

Can I get a smart meter with Fuse Energy?

There’s nothing specific on Fuse Energy’s website about being able to get a smart meter with them.

How do I contact Fuse Energy?

Customers can email queries to or contact the supplier’s customer service team via the Chat support section in its mobile app.

Does Fuse Energy have an app?

As mentioned above, Fuse Energy does have an app which, unusually, customers have to download first to use to switch to the supplier (if they don’t go through a price comparison website). In addition to offering direct switching through the app, you can also contact customer support and see details about your usage and billing.

Fuse Energy renewable energy

Fuse owns and operates various wind and solar power generation sites around the country which it uses to supply customers with 100% renewable energy. It also reinvests 100% of its profits into renewable energy projects around the world.

How do I cancel my Fuse Energy supply?

You can cancel your Fuse Energy supply simply by switching to another supplier. Remember, though, that if you’re on a fixed tariff and outside the final 49 days of your contract, you’ll have to pay an exit fee.

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