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eSIM Turkey deals

Uswitch tips

eSIM Turkey features

  • Keep connected in Turkey with a dependable 4G and 5G network
  • Your eSIM activation starts upon first MB usage, not upon purchase
  • Cost-effective eSIM data plans
  • You'll only pay for the data you consume, with no concealed fees or roaming charges

Turkey eSIM travel bundles

1GB - £3.00

7 day bundle

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2GB - £4.00

15 day bundle

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3GB - £4.00

30 day bundle

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5GB - £6.00

30 day bundle

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10GB - £11.00

30 day bundle

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How to install your Turkey travel eSIM


Check your phone is eSIM compatible


Purchase travel eSIM for Turkey


Follow the eSIM installation instructions sent to you via email


Activate your eSIM on arrival in Turkey

Why choose a Uswitch eSIM for your Turkey travel?

An eSIM provides a convenient solution for accessing international data without the excessive fees from carriers or the hassle of acquiring a physical SIM card. Instead of purchasing and swapping physical SIM cards, you can opt for a data plan via your chosen provider's app.

An eSIM functions much like a local SIM card, allowing you to use your regular number if your device supports Dual SIM Dual Standby. Without Dual SIM capability, your phone operates as a data-only device, but you can still send texts or make calls through apps like WhatsApp.

Roaming in Turkey on UK networks

Uswitch eSIM for Turkey

Data only plans varies based on the package

Three roaming charges in Turkey

Approximately £3.00 per MB, £1.40 per minute to receive calls and 35p to send texts to the UK

Vodafone roaming charges in Turkey

Approximately £6 a day to use data up to 25GB

O2 roaming charges in Turkey

The O2 Travel Bolt On gives you unlimited minutes, texts and data for £6 a day.

EE roaming charges in Turkey

Approximately £6 for 1GB of data, £2.34 per minute to make and receive calls and 76p per text

A Turkey travel eSIM vs roaming/purchasing a local SIM

A travel eSIM in Turkey will give you more flexibility in how much data, minutes, and texts you can buy compared to the tourist SIMs at the airport. They’re also noticeably cheaper.

As mentioned above, they’re also much easier to buy and install. You can do it in a few minutes before you leave home and be ready to go as soon as you arrive. So you can avoid pushy vendors and scams at the airport!

If you’re new to eSIMs, they offer big benefits to travellers in terms of how quickly, easily, and (often) cheaply you can get connected when you arrive in a new country. Most recent phones support them, including all the latest iPhone, Samsung or Google phones.

If you don’t need a lot of data, it’s often more cost-effective to purchase an eSIM rather than buying a physical SIM card. Local SIMs often only come with large amounts of data, and you’re charged a high fee for them regardless of whether you use the data or not.

It’s worth noting that Turkey is not part of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). This means that roaming in Turkey may be expensive, especially for heavy users. For example, Vodafone will charge you £6 per day for unlimited data, and EE will charge you £6 a day for up to 25MB and will charge you another £6 for every additional 25MB).


How much is an eSIM for Turkey travel?

Depending on how long you are going for and the amount of data you need the price of a Turkey eSIM can vary from £3.00 up to to over £10. 

What is the speed that I will have with the Uswitch eSIM in Turkey?

Turkey is covered by 4G in all major cities and airports so you can expect download speeds up to around 100Mbps, 20 times faster than 3G.

Does the Turkey eSIM include a local phone number?

No phone number is supplied with the eSIM.To use your number over data services, you would need to be bound to a data-based service such as WhatsApp. This means you will avoid any roaming charges for voice and SMS while using the data on your eSIM.

Can I call and send an SMS with my Uswitch eSIM in Turkey?

Uswitch eSIMs are sold with data bundles only. Voice and SMS cannot be used with the eSIM as no phone number is assigned to them.

Archie Burkinshaw author headshot
Written by Archie Burkinshaw, Content Writer
Published - 31 May 2024
Updated - 9 July 2024