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iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: what’s the difference?

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A smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone 6s, the SE is perfect for customers who want something a touch smaller but just as powerful as the iPhone 6s.

So, what’s the difference between the iPhone SE the 6s?

Read on and we’ll tell you how the most affordable iPhone measures up to its bigger brother.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: camera

iPhone 6S Triplicate

Apple has made a big play of the iPhone SE having similar features to its flagship iPhone 6S.

The camera is the best example, with Apple loading up its four-inch model with the same snapper as its top–end device.

That means a 12-megapixel camera, the same true tone flash which gives improved low light performance and better selfies, plus support for Live Photos.

The latter means you can capture what happens just before and after you hit the shutter.

There is also 4K video shooting and editing support in iMovie, although the 16GB model is likely to run out of space quickly if you reel off ultra hi–def clips.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: screen

The screen is the key difference between the two devices. The iPhone SE comes with a smaller four-inch display, the same size as the old–school iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

That compares with the larger 4.7–inch screen on the iPhone 6s and means you can use this new model in one hand easily.

There’s the same Retina Display too. One thing missing, though, is support for 3D Touch.

This remains a feature only found on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and means the iPhone SE can only register swipes and taps, not pressure.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: battery

iPhone SE hero

Apple has not come clean on what the actual battery life of the iPhone SE is. It simply says it has ‘improved battery life’ compared with the iPhone S.

The iPhone 6s is supposed to have 14 hours of 3G talk time, but in reality its power unit keeps kicking for much less than 24 hours. Don’t pin your hopes on the iPhone SE lasting any longer.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: storage

Apple has once again decided to ditch its 32GB storage option with the iPhone SE. There are two models – one with 16GB, another with 64GB.

As always, there’s no expandable storage. Apple offers 16GB, 64GB and 128GB versions of its iPhone 6s, meaning the latter is better for power users.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S: processor

iPhone 6S detail

Apple hasn’t scrimped when it comes to the iPhone SE’s chipset. It has the same A9 processor found in the iPhone 6s. That means it can handle the most powerful apps in Apple’s App Store and will run at lightning pace, just like Apple’s flagship.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S: price

The iPhone SE will set you back £290 on Amazon. That compares with £399 for the iPhone 6s.

On contract, you can get the iPhone SE for as little as £15 a month. The 6s, on the other hand,costs around £17 a month.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: conclusion

iPhone SE official

The differences here are minimal when it comes to specs, with only 3D Touch the key missing feature on the iPhone SE.

The main thing, of course, is screen size. At a time when smartphones are getting bigger, Apple has wisely realised many still want a phone they can use in one hand.

It says it sold 30 million smaller devices in the last year alone. If you don’t like the modern world of phablets, then the iPhone SE is for you.

Not sure which iPhone to pick? Take a look at our complete guide to choosing the right iPhone for you.

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