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How did the UK fare?

The UK has done well, coming in at fifth place – beating the majority of Scandinavia including Finland (8th), Denmark (8th) and Norway (10th). Sweden just pips the UK to the post in fourth place, making strides with better mobile signal and shorter working hours.

The research has revealed that The Repulic of Ireland is the worst place to live – let down by holiday days, sunshine and pollution.

Non-EU member – Switzerland – tops the table with the highest wages, best life expectancy and speedy broadband.


  1. 1Switzerland
  2. 2Austria
  3. 3France
  4. 4Sweden
  5. 5United Kingdom
  6. 6Spain
  7. 7Poland
  8. 8Denmark
  1. 8 Finland
  2. 10 Norway
  3. 11 Germany
  4. 12 Belgium
  5. 12 Netherlands
  6. 14 Italy
  7. 15 Ireland

Cost of living:

A loaf of bread will set you back the most in Denmark at 51% more than the European average.

The UK has some of the most expensive alcohol prices, coming 11th out of the 15 countries.

Petrol prices and electricity prices are both cheapest in Poland at 94.2p a litre and 13 cents per kWh.

Underpinning many living costs is VAT – and the lowest rate is in Switzerland at 8%.

Technology and Communications:

Italy has the slowest broadband speed of the pack with with average speeds of 9.2mbps.

Norway comes in first for broadband speed with average speeds of 23.5mbps.

The UK is among one of the worst ranked countries in the study for mobile signal, coming in 12th.

Germany ranked bottom, with owners only getting an adequate amount of signal 73.7% of the time.

Health and Wellbeing:

Ireland gets the least amount of sunshine in the study, with only an average of 3.45 hours a day.

The healthiest nation is Switzerland, with the longest life expectancy of 83 years.

5.9% of UK GDP is spent on recreation and culture, the highest percentage of the 15 countries.

Sweden takes the top spot for low pollution levels, with just 5.48 thousand kilos per capita.