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How to watch Disney Plus in the UK

How to watch Disney Plus in the UK

After a few forays into on-demand content, including deals with Netflix and Sky and its own first attempt at a streaming service, DisneyLife, Disney has fully entered the streaming wars. Since November 2019, Disney Plus has been competing head-on with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to get your eyes on their screens. And judging by the North American subscription rates, it’s already proving to be more popular than a genie with unlimited wishes.

That’s hardly a surprise though. Disney Plus is ready-made to provide endless entertainment for kids of all ages. And, with an impressive catalogue of content, covering Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel as well as classic Disney movies, Disney Plus has a huge appeal for adults too.

But what content will be available? Where can you watch Disney Plus? And how much will it cost? Read on as we tell you everything you need to know to help you live happily ever after with Disney Plus.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney plus streaming

Disney Plus is a streaming service stuffed with Disney-owned TV and film content. As with Netflix, Amazon Prime and NOW, you’ll be able to access the content via your smart TV, set-top box or smartphone in return for a monthly subscription. More on that in a bit.

As well as its impressive portfolio of films and TV shows, Disney Plus will be the only place you can watch original content created exclusively for the streaming platform. So, if you want to watch Baby Yoda steal the show in The Mandalorian or you want to keep up with WandaVision or the Loki TV series, you’ll have to subscribe to Disney Plus.

How much is Disney Plus UK

Disney plus prices

Disney Plus recently announced that its monthly price will increase to £7.99 or £79.90 for the year. While no one likes a price rise, it’s still £2 a month cheaper than a NOW Entertainment Membership and is on par with subscription options from Netflix.

For those who subscribed for an annual subscription when the platform first launched, your access will automatically renew at the original price. Meaning you'll save just under £20 by allowing your access to your subscription to renew.

Whether you pay monthly or annually, a Disney Plus subscription allows you to stream to four devices simultaneously with unlimited downloads on a maximum of 10 nominated devices. That means your kids can watch it on their tablets or phones, while you catch up on The Mandalorian, all at the same time. So no more arguing over whether you're all going to watch Cars or Frozen for the hundredth time.

There’s even the option to create up to seven viewing profiles. At the moment there is no 4K or UHD option listed.

Six months free Disney+ for O2 customers

Mobile network O2 is offering both new and existing customer the chance to get six months of Disney Plus worth £36 for free. This offer is available to new and existing customers when they take out a new contract or upgrade to a new handset.

If you’re not in the market for an upgrade, current O2 customers can add Disney Plus to their current plan for £7.99 a month and will receive £2 a month off your bill.

Check out the latest O2 Mobile and SIM only deals.

What shows are coming to Disney Plus?

Disney Plus movies and tv shows

Disney Plus will have a huge amount of content available on the day of launch. According to the official statement, there will be "nearly 500 films and 7,500" episodes you can watch on Disney Plus from day one.

Pretty much everything in Disney’s extensive back-catalogue is available to stream on Disney Plus. This includes classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Bambi, The Lion King, Lady and The Tramp, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella. And there’ll also be newer films like the live-action version of Mulan and new releases like Raya and the Last Dragon coming to the platform instead of or as well as a theatrical release.

Of course, Disney has been gobbling up brands, networks and studios for years, taking the likes of Star Wars and Marvel Comics under its wing and making billions of dollars at the box office.

And all of these will be available to stream on Disney Plus, including the three most profitable films ever made: Avatar, Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This means that, going forward, Disney Plus will likely be the only streaming platform where you can see huge box office hits like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Captain Marvel and all future releases from both Lucasfilm and Marvel.

Disney Plus original TV shows

But that’s not all. Disney Plus is more than just a repository for all of its movies, as Disney has invested heavily in creating new, original content that will appear exclusively on the streaming platform.

In fact, Disney's chief financial officer, Christine McCarthy, stated that the firm is investing at least $1 billion into original content within the first year.

At the time of writing, this equates to 10 new movies and 25 original series in the works.

The Mandalorian, directed by Iron Man’s Jon Favreau, was the first series to appear exclusively on the platform. And Jedis can rejoice because a second Star Wars series is already in the works, this one starring Ewan McGregor who is reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Marvel Studios will also be a major part of the platform’s original content offerings, bringing several of its characters into the TV world for the first time. The inter-connected movie universe will now cross over into a number of exciting shows including ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘WandaVision’, ‘Loki’ and ‘She-Hulk’.

All of these will premier in the coming months and years and will connect directly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So be sure to watch them if you don’t want to miss any vital storylines, plot twists or characters.


One notable absence is new episodes of The Simpsons. Disney obtained the rights to the famous family when it acquired 20th Century Fox last year. And while new episodes won’t appear on Disney Plus yet due to licensing rules, Disney responded to viewer outrage by adding a collection of classic episodes.

Will The Simpsons be on Disney Plus?

simpsons on disney plus uk

When Disney paid $52bn to acquire the FOX network and studios in 2017, one of the highest-profile titles they acquired was The Simpsons. Though initially absent when it first launched, Disney Plus is now home to 31 seasons of the long-running animated show.

How to watch Disney Plus


Like most streaming services, there are a number of ways you’ll be able to watch Disney Plus. And based on the availability of the Disney Plus app in the US, there will likely be plenty of devices that you can stream it from.

Here’s how you can watch it:

  • Directly via your web browser.
  • The Disney Plus app which is available on most Apple and Android devices.
  • Most Smart TVs, including Samsung and LG smart TVs.
  • Chromecast to any TV with an HDMI port.
  • Apple TV or Android TV
  • Streaming stick such as NOW TV streaming stick
  • Games consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should include the ability to stream Disney Plus, however not Nintendo Switch at the time of launch, unfortunately.
  • Sky Q set-top boxes will include access to Disney Plus alongside other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Like everything Disney does, Disney Plus is colourful, family-friendly and really easy to use. It even lets you filter what’s on offer by each brand. So you can search by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, or National Geographic.

Convinced you need to subscribe to the most magical streaming service on earth? Sign up for Disney Plus here.

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