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Sky increasing prices: What consumers can do

Sky increasing prices: What consumers can do

Less than a year after raising prices for TV customers, Sky has announced price increases for broadband subscribers.

Additionally, some TV and broadband customers might see their bills further increase to bring them into line with current pricing.

Broadband prices set to increase

The most wide-sweeping price rise for Sky customers comes as an increase in line rental costs. From 1 March, line rental costs will increase from £17.40 per month to £18.99 per month.

Although this change will affect everyone who gets broadband from Sky, it will not affect customers who only subscribe to landline services from Sky — but even these customers are about to see price hikes.

Calls are going to cost more

If you have a landline through Sky, your calls are going to get more expensive. Call connection costs will increase from 16.9p to 19p across the board.

Calling plan monthly fees aren’t increasing, but charges for any calls made outside of your plan will be increasing:

  • Calls to a UK landline will increase from 11.5p per minute to 12.54p per minute
  • Calls to a mobile phone during the day will increase from 11.5p per minute to 19.35p per minute
  • Calls to a mobile phone during the evening will increase from 11.5p to 14.25p

Other price increases from Sky

Sky has also said they’ll be raising prices for existing customers on ‘legacy products’ or ‘who had been benefitting from a lower price’ to bring their bills into line with Sky’s current pricing structure.

A Sky spokesperson said ‘the vast majority’ of Sky TV customers won’t see any change at all in the cost of their TV package. Those whose bills will be affected will, on average, see their bills increase by less than £3 per month.

What can subscribers do?

As per Ofcom regulations, you’re allowed to break your contract, penalty-free, if your provider increases subscription fees from what was agreed when the contract was signed.

Sky will be notifying their customers of these changes in writing between 25 January and 25 February.

Once you receive this notice, you have 30 days to switch providers without paying any fees, even if you’re still under contract with Sky.

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To learn more about the switching process, read our guide to switching broadband providers.

Contacting Sky

While switching can save you money, you might still want to stay with Sky if you’re happy with your service — especially if you’re subscribed to one of Sky’s TV packages — but that doesn’t mean you have to stay silent.

If you want to let Sky know you’re unhappy with the price increases, or if you’d like to try to haggle a better deal, you can contact Sky in several ways:

  • Phone: Sky’s complaints line is 0330 041 3875. Calls to this number are free for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers; however, charges may apply if you’re calling from a different provider.
  • Online chat: You can reach Sky Experts on their live chat for free between 8:30am and 9pm, seven days a week.
  • Twitter: The @SkyHelpTeam account is available from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 9pm on weekends.
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