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How to get the best car insurance deals

Written by Kasey Cassells, Senior content editor

15 June 2020

While a ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t exist, there are steps you can take to find the best car insurance deals for you.

How to get the best car insurance deals

Car insurers calculate premiums using a range of factors including age, driving experience, occupation, and car usage. As a result, the best car insurance deals for one driver could be wrong for someone else.

With the current restrictions in place because of the coronavirus,

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How COVID-19 has an impact on car insurance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some insurance companies have been offering goodwill offers to their current customers. This has come in the form of a discount or money back.

While other companies have been considering the circumstances of their customers and the money back is ony applicable to those who are self-employed, unemployed or been furloughed.

If you're struggling to fit your car insurance into your monthly expediture, due financial changes since COVID-19, it's worth speaking to your insurance company to see if there are any discounts available.

Getting the best car insurance deals for your car

The make and model of your car can be a hugely important factor in determining the cost of your car insurance cover. Each car is sorted into an insurance group, based on its value, power, and cost of repair. The lower a car's insurance group, the less it typically costs to insure. You can learn more in our guide on car insurance groups and the cheapest cars to insure.

Whatever car you drive, it's worth considering all types of cover (comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only) to get the best car insurance deal for you. Take a look at our dedicated guide to learn more about the different types of car insurance policies.

If you have a high performance vehicle or classic car then the best car insurance companies for you will be specialist providers who understand the risks.

Classic car insurance quotes will usually take into consideration the costs of replacing original parts and general maintenance.

Cars with cosmetic or mechanical modifications also tend to be more expensive so steer clear of these if finding the cheapest insurance deals is the most important factor for you.

The best car insurance offers for your age

Insurers often penalise young drivers heavily for their inexperience and increased risk, but there are still ways to keep costs down – see our nine top tips for finding the cheapest car insurance for young drivers. Top tips for young drivers include taking out a black box insurance policy and adding a named driver to the policy.

Older drivers can also expect to pay slightly more despite having many more years of experience on the road. This is because insurers say that the likelihood of older people claiming on car insurance is higher and the cost of those claims is greater for this age group.

The best car insurance deals - no claims bonus

Going five or more years without making a claim will put you in a great position to get cheap car insurance. This is because insurers recognise that the fewer claims you’ve made in the past, the less likely you are to make them in the future.

Additional drivers are normally unable to build up their own no claims bonus while on somebody else’s policy, though some insurers, such as Churchill and One Call, let additional drivers gain a history of no claims.

The best car insurance offers if you have multiple cars

If you have a number of cars in your driveway then you might want to consider a multi car insurance policy. A number of insurers can offer you discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with them under the same policy.

However, be sure to compare both multi and single insurance deals as it may not be cheaper for you.

Make your car more secure

Adding security features such as an alarm and immobiliser to your vehicle is also a proven way to cut down the cost of your insurance. Off-street parking is also looked on favourably by insurers.

Get a car insurance quote

See a range of car insurance quotes in just a few minutes when you compare with Uswitch

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