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How to watch Sky Atlantic — with or without Sky

How to watch Sky Atlantic — with or without Sky

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest and best series from across the pond — including Westworld, Watchmen, Big Little Lies and The Affair — you need to watch Sky Atlantic. Here’s how you can watch Sky Atlantic, even if you're not with Sky.

Although past series of popular, top-notch American programmes like Westworld, Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies are available for anyone to buy, the only place to watch new episodes in the UK is Sky Atlantic.

Unlike other Sky channels like Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, which are available with any TV provider, there are only two ways to get Sky Atlantic: subscribing to a Sky TV package or signing up for an Entertainment Pass with Sky’s standalone streaming service, NOW.

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Get Sky Atlantic with a Sky TV package

Sky Atlantic

With Sky Entertainment, you’ll not only get HBO series from the States, you’ll also get to watch other breakout hits such as:

  • Modern Family
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Blacklist
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Walking Dead
  • NCIS
  • The Daily Show

If that’s not enough for you, Sky makes it easy for existing customers to upgrade to Sky Cinema and Sky Sports packages, too, giving you access to thousands of films or exclusive live sports events. You can also add and remove upgrades to your package, like box sets or kids' content, on a flexible 31-day basis.

As a Sky subscriber, you'll receive a Sky Q set-top box and can watch shows live from your TV or up to two compatible devices — including laptops, smartphones, tablets and games consoles — once you register for Sky Go.

Sky is a quad-play provider now, meaning you can bundle your TV, broadband, landline and mobile phone plan together with one operator, which saves you money and consolidates your monthly bills.

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Stream Sky Atlantic with NOW

NOW TV entertainment

NOW is a streaming service that gives you access to the exact content you want on your own terms.

NOW started out as a streaming app where users could purchase themed TV memberships on a monthly basis, as well as daily and weekly passes to Sky Sports. TV memberships can also be stacked together to offer more viewing options.

The company has also since expanded its offerings to include broadband and landline capabilities, making NOW a triple-play provider. All of these services are still offered on a monthly, pay-as-you-go option or as a 12-month contract.

Users still have the option of signing up for NOW TV memberships and watching content through the app — which is available on certain models of laptops, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, games consoles and smart TVs. These passes and app allow you to watch live channels (although this isn’t supported on all devices) or on-demand content available depending on the TV pass you sign up for.

NOW broadband and TV deals

NOW offers five TV memberships:

Entertainment: If you want Sky Atlantic, this is the TV membership you need to get. It gives you access to Sky Atlantic’s programmes — either live or on demand — plus 18 other pay TV channels.

Cinema: This pass gives you access to Sky Cinema films, both live and on demand.

Kids: With this pass, you can access on-demand children’s programming and live shows from six children’s channels.

Sports: Available on a daily, weekly or monthly pass, you can watch live matches and events across 11 Sky Sports channels.

hayu: If you need access to all the latest reality TV from the US, this is the pass for you.

Again, all of these TV passes are available on their own or can be stacked together — and cancelled whenever — to meet your household’s needs.

Which is better, NOW or Sky?

Both services have pros and cons, and this question ultimately comes down to your needs.

If you’re not happy with your current TV provider or if you want to watch a lot of Sky channels, it makes sense to subscribe to Sky.

Although the NOW Entertainment TV membership is a good deal, if you’re renewing it month-over-month or if you’re combining multiple TV passes on a regular basis, you may be able to save money by switching to Sky.

Subscribing to Sky also guarantees you’ll get Sky Atlantic in HD on a consistent basis. NOW streams Sky Atlantic in HD on certain devices; however, this is subject to broadband speeds.

On the other hand, if you’re not concerned with always watching programmes in HD or if you’re only interested in a few series, NOW may be a better deal for you than signing up for a contract with Sky.

NOW's flexibility allows you to get Sky Atlantic when you need it and cancel it when you don’t. So if you’re a huge HBO fan, you can sign up for the NOW Entertainment TV membership for the premiere of the latest HBO show, then cancel it after the series finishes.

If you're still not sure which one is right for you, our Sky vs NOW guide goes into greater detail, comparing set-top boxes, quality and additional features across the two services.

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