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How I saved 40% on my car insurance

No one likes a price rise. Hit back and save money by looking around instead.

You would think that by now, shopping around for car insurance would not excite me; but it still does! I came home the other night and found my renewal quote from my car insurance company, only to find that they’d put up my quote by about 30%. I have previously talked about how car insurance premiums are on the rise, but I admit I was shocked by this level of increase. My risk criteria haven’t changed at all from previous years and I’m still at the same address.

Instead of ringing my insurance company for an explanation, I simply went online, put in my details and saved 40% on my renewal quote. Strangely enough, the cheaper quote was from a company in the same group of companies that I had my original quote from. But as I’ve mentioned before, different companies have different ways of setting their prices. Comparing car insurance online didn’t take long and now my cheaper policy is now winging its way to me!