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Having been voted the ‘Best Car Insurance Provider’ for two consecutive years by The Personal Finance Awards, Admiral is a trusted name in the car insurance industry.

Admiral has sold over 11 million policies in a time period dating back to 1993 and policyholders are happy with the level of customer service. They state that 90% of their customers, when polled, say they would renew cover based on the excellent service they received when filing claims.

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One interesting feature Admiral has is the ‘Little Black Box.’ This telematics device monitors how a driver is doing and can provide a safe driver discount to eligible drivers. This is available on both single-car policies and multi-car policies and comes with a guaranteed discount.

When it comes to buying car insurance, many drivers want to know that the company that is insuring them can stand behind any claims payable. Admiral is a huge conglomerate of insurance cover that not only provides single and multi-car policies but also van cover, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, motorbike insurance and even life insurance. Based on this information, a company this large and comprehensive must be backed by an honest reputation and ethical dealings with the public.

Admiral also provides Car Warranty cover and is a big seller for those who have purchased a previously owned car or the vehicle they are driving is out of term on the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, Admiral offers Breakdown Cover so that drivers can feel secure whilst out on the road that they won’t be left to their own devices when stranded.

Admiral insurance products are not restricted to the UK as they also provide cover abroad under various trade names such as those in France, Italy and Spain. 

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