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Only Young Drivers insurance

Only Young Drivers

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Only Young Drivers, as the name implies, is an insurance product designed with young, inexperienced drivers in mind. Selecter Insurance Services Limited is trading as Only Young Drivers to insure those between the ages of 18 and 24 through the use of a telematics application. Because they feel that it is the young driver’s attitude towards driving that makes them safe, they don’t feel quotes should be based on where they live and simply their age/inexperience.

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Only Young Drivers provides insurance quotes via the telephone from a UK call centre located in Elland. They believe that other insurance companies don’t treat them with the level of courtesy they should be receiving and make it their aim to treat young drivers fairly and with respect.

The company’s aims and values are:

  • To be the champions and to act in the interest of young drivers who are careful.
  • All communications with young drivers will be positive and respectful.
  • To provide the most competitive prices and the best service to careful young drivers.
  • To never use jargon that is incomprehensible and to never ‘talk down’ to customers because of their age.
  • To always be efficient, professional and friendly.

With these things in mind, young drivers can be made to feel just as important as older, more experienced drivers which sends them off feeling good about the company they have chosen to buy insurance from.

In an effort to keep policies as cheap as possible for young drivers, it is recommended that they stick with vehicles that represent lower risks, those that are smaller and have smaller engines as well. Only Young Drivers are apprised of the 5 categories of cars from an insurance risk perspective that present the lowest amount of risk. Bear in mind that groupings changed in 2010 so there are now 50 groupings of vehicles with categories 1 through 5 being the safest.

With a handy app, the Smartdriver app, for smartphones, it’s telematics without an installed device and can provide information back to the insurer. If a young driver’s skill shows him or her to be safe, premiums will be adjusted accordingly along the way. However, the opposite can also be true and risky driving may even get their policies cancelled. If you are a safe young driver looking for good rates, this Smartdriver app, a smart phone and insurance from Only Young Drivers could offer you rates that are reasonable, even though you are young.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 2pm
  • Bank Holidays: 10am - 4pm

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