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Got2insure.com car insurance

Got2insure says it majors on a UK-based help & claims team and emphasises an online service claimed to be quick and fuss-free. Got2insure has a five-star Defaqto rating though its other ratings from Trustpilot and Google are less flattering.

How good is Got2insure.com car insurance?

Defaqto: 5/5 stars

Got2insure recovers its poor user reviewer rating with a 5-star score from Defaqto though there is limited criteria information provided from both Defaqto and Got2insure.

Note: Not all Defaqto products with the same star ratings have the same covers and terms.

Trustpilot: 1.7/5 stars

Trustpilot (October 2020) rates Got2insure with a lacklustre 1.7/5 with complaints of poor service peppered across a modest 24 reviews (late Oct 2020).

About Got2insure.com insurance

The company offers uninsured driver cover bolted to its fully comp offer meaning your no-claims discount should be protected if the worst happens (though you must provide the make, model and registration number of the vehicle involved). Got2insure claims it’s easy to manage your policy online. 

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Value for money?

Got2insure says replacement key and mis-fuelling cover is standard on its comprehensive insurance cover, plus repairs protection. 

European insurance cover as standard extends to 90 days rather than the bog-standard 60 day cover. Breakdown cover is not standard with Got2insure so you need to shop about for cover here. 

Be careful on policy detail if you drive someone else’s car. Got2insure says it cannot extend this cover for drivers under 25 or other named drivers on the policy. 

Got2insure.com car insurance policies

Got2insure.com car insurance offer three choices of cover:

  • Fully comprehensive

  • Third party, fire and theft 

  • Third party only

Got2insure.com standard car insurance cover

Most fully comprehensive policies will include courtesy car and windscreen damage cover. Bear in mind:

  • If your car can be repaired a courtesy car will be provided but it will likely be a small-capacity, three-door model with manual transmission says Got2insure 

  • Overnight accommodation is offered up to the value of £300 if your car can’t be driven as a result of damage, including loss or damage to keys

  • Misfuelling protection is offered including the recovery of your car, driver and up to six passengers though watch for the £75 excess 

  • Accident Windscreen protection damage is offered as standard and includes damage to panoramic windscreens though not sunroofs. Your no-claims discount will not be affected if you claim

  • EU cover of 90 days – though it’s always a good idea to double-check the exact policy wording

  • A UK-based 24-hour helpline is standard

  • Personal belongings cover is limited to £150 in total and includes clothing, personal items and dashcams

  • Medical expenses for each person injured in an accident involving your vehicle is limited to £100

As mentioned, damage to panoramic windscreens (but not sunroofs) is standard with Got2insure. Got2insure might choose to repair windscreen and window damage with non-manufacturer original parts, though of a similar standard it says. Any alternative transport is not covered however. All glass claims should go through its approved repairer claims service. 

If your car can’t be repaired immediately via an approved repairer a courtesy car is usually available but it is not guaranteed. However a car won’t be available until an engineer has authorised a repair. Most courtesy cars will be Class A, i.e. small hatchback and small capacity engine. All repairs are guaranteed for five years. 

While most policies offer European cover for 60 days you get 90 days with Got2insure. Bear in mind that your breakdown cover may not extend to European cover, even if your car insurance does. Also, watch for Green Card (you don’t need one currently) issues if UK Brexit discussions deteriorate.

As mentioned, personal belongings cover is limited to £150. However, if your belongings are visible then you will not be covered for theft, advises Got2insure. So they need to be in your (covered) boot or a locked glovebox. Loss or damage to keys isn’t covered.

Personal accident cover is limited to £5,000 for any injured person – death, loss of limbs or sight. Depending on policy, watch for any clauses that may have an age limit. 70 is a common cut-off.

As long as your car is less than a year old and you’re its first registered keeper Got2insure will replace it if the cost of repairing it will be more than 60% of the UK's list price.

Got2insure.com optional extras

If you feel the standard level of comprehensive cover isn’t enough, it’s sensible to add extra cover. Many policies won’t cover breakdown protection, for example. So make a list of what your motoring protection priorities are and, where possible, shop about for the best deal. 

Got2insure’s breakdown cover starts from £59 a year and offers home start, national recovery and roadside recovery options. Flat tyres and batteries are included as well as cover if you’re not able to access your car because you’ve lost your keys. Misfuelling cover is included. You’re also covered for a breakdown if you’re travelling in the EU.

You’re covered for bodily injury or death up to a maximum £30,000, including being blinded in both eyes. You are also covered for any other car you are travelling in. If you need hospital post-accident you will be covered with a £200 per day level of protection (up to 90 days). Do remember that policies like these are not a substitute for life insurance. 

For an extra fee Got2insure will cover all reasonably incurred legal costs in a civil claim for damages. These costs will be paid if your case is unsuccessful, plus any third-party costs you’re ordered to pay. If you withdraw from proceedings without written consent you may lose legal protection.

Provided Got2insure is confident your claim is valid a Vauxhall Insignia-sized vehicle able to seat 5 with three suitcases will be provided, plus a similar transmission to your own car. If your car can’t be repaired Got2insure will pay up to £25 a day for alternative travel costs. 

What is Got2insure.com car insurance best for?

  • Drivers wanting standard uninsured driver cover  

  • Standard misfuelling cover

  • UK helpline

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