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Energy Companies with Best Customer Service

Energy supplier customer ratings

As well as price, an important consideration for many consumers choosing a new energy supplier is customer service.

If you're one of the people who really value great customer service, our energy supplier customer ratings could help you decide your next energy supplier.

2018 customer ratings for energy suppliers


Customer rating

Bulb Bulb - 5 stars
Octopus Energy Octopus energy - 5 stars
Avro Energy Avro Energy - 4.5 stars
Bristol Energy Bristol Energy - 4.5 stars
EBICo EBICo - 4.5 stars
Ecotricity Ecotricity - 4.5 stars
Good Energy Good Energy - 4.5 stars
Ovo Ovo - 4.5 stars
Robin Hood Energy Robin Hood Energy - 4.5 stars
So Energy So Energy - 4.5 stars
Tonik Tonik - 4.5 stars
The Utility Warehouse Utility Warehouse - 4.5 stars
Engie Engie - 4 stars
First Utility First Utility - 4 stars
Flow Energy Flow Energy - 4 stars
Green Energy UK Green Energy UK - 4 stars
Green Network Energy Green Network Energy - 4 stars
Green Star Energy Green Star Energy - 4 stars
isupply isupply - 4 stars
M&S Energy M&S Energy - 4 stars
Co-op Energy Co-op Energy - 4 stars
Utilita Utilita Energy - 4 stars
British Gas Utilita Energy - 3.5 stars
Economy Energy Economy Energy - 3.5 stars
EDF Energy EDF Energy - 3.5 stars
E.ON Energy E.ON Energy - 3.5 stars
Extra Energy Extra Energy - 3.5 stars
Sainsbury's Energy Sainsbury's Energy - 3.5 stars
ScottishPower ScottishPower - 3.5 stars
sse SSE - 3.5 stars
npower npower - 3 stars
Spark Energy Spark Energy - 3 stars

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uSwitch's customer ratings explained

Every year, uSwitch runs an independent Energy Customer Satisfaction Report through YouGov. This year, uSwitch conducted the survey between 7 November and 1 December 2017. A total of 17,313 UK energy customers were asked to rate their energy supplier across various categories, making it the biggest energy survey of its kind.

The customer ratings given to energy suppliers are based on scores given by UK households for the categories below; we equally weighted these five scores across suppliers with at least 50 responses to create an average supplier rating for each:

  • Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money
  • Customer Service
  • Transfer Process
  • Likely to Recommend

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Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes