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EE Max, Essential and SIM only plans: everything you need to know

EE has revamped its phone and SIM only plans. And there are some neat add-ons too.
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EE has unveiled a new range of price plans and tariffs in what it says is part of a bid to simplify its offering and give consumers greater choice when picking a deal that works for them.

They include deals for top–end smartphones as well as ultra affordable tariffs for users who want a phone that does the basics brilliantly.

Confused? Don’t be. Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about EE’s new plans.

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So, what’s new?

EE has split its pay monthly offer into two different categories: Max and Essential. The clue’s in the name.

Max comes with the fastest 4G+ speeds, as well as the network’s biggest data allowance of 60GB, plus as roaming in 53 destinations, including North America and free BT Sport for the length of the contract.

Essential offers a stripped back experience, with EU roaming, regular 4G speeds and three months of BT Sport as standard.

How about SIM only?

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EE is now offering all SIM only packages with unlimited calls and texts. This is a huge boon for those who have an old phone they love, but just want a better deal.

What’s more, it now has 40GB data packages available, perfect for those who love to tether their phones or chew through data at a rate of knots.

What deals are available?

On the new Max plan, you can score the warmly reviewed Samsung Galaxy S8 for just £50 up front, before paying £53 a month over two years.

This will score you unlimited calls and texts, plus a more than ample 8GB data allowance.

New Essential customers can snag the basic Hawk Android handset for a mere £15 a month with unlimited calls and texts, plus 500MB of data.

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Are there any add-ons?

There are. Essential and SIM Only customers can access the fastest 4G speeds via EE’s Go Faster bundle, which costs £2 a month.

BT Sport’s app, including Champions League and Premier League football, is available for £5 a month on a rolling 30 day deal.

And with Go Further, users can add North America, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico to their roaming access for £10 a month. That works out at £17.

If you’re after all of those on a regular basis, the cheapest Max plan works out at just £5 more, with all of those add–ons included as standard.

What about EE Extras?

EE’s excellent Extras are staying exactly the same.

That means every customers gets free Apple Music streaming for six months, BT Sport app access for three months, free EU roaming, Wi–Fi calling, UK and Ireland–based call centres and the chance to boost data by 5GB a month when signing up for EE home broadband.

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