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Everything you need to know about Superdrug Mobile

We chat with the head of Superdrug Mobile, Bhavik Davda.
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One of the most recognisable stores on the high-street, Superdrug has been helping to keep the nation supplied with cosmetics, toiletries and over-the-counter meds for over 50 years.

But Superdrug has expanded its empire with its SIM-only network, Superdrug Mobile. And, as you’d expect, it offers a range of great value tariffs that feeds into Superdrug’s excellent loyalty points system to help you get money off products in-store and online.

But how does the loyalty scheme work? What data plans are available? And is the network good value for money? We caught up with the head of Superdrug Mobile, Bhavik Davda, to find out everything there is to know about Superdrug Mobile.

Why should customers choose Superdrug Mobile?

Superdrug Mobile offers competitively priced monthly rolling contracts. So you’ll never find yourself tied into a lengthy contract. And you don’t need a credit check to join either.

“It’s very important to me to be part of Superdrug and using the brand’s knowledge and reputation to help give our mobile customers the best experience we can”, says Bhavik. “We don’t do credit checks, so Superdrug Mobile really is accessible to everyone.”

Do you get loyalty points with Superdrug Mobile?

The short answer is yes, you do. In fact, you get the entire cost of your first month’s contract back in reward points. Each point is worth 1p. So if you’re on a £10 a month plan, you’ll get £10 back in loyalty points to spend in store or online.

And not only this but Superdrug Mobile customers get access to more rewards, discounts and competitions than regular Superdrug customers.

Bhavik told us: “And all our mobile customers are automatically enrolled into the VIP layer of our loyalty programme. So they’ll get access to all the best offers and discounts as well as chances to attend special Superdrug events that showcase new product ranges.”

“They’ll also be able to take advantage of Treat Thursday, which offers discounts or extra points on a range of products. And we’re reassessing our normal offering in response to the lockdown. So we usually offer the chance to collect vouchers towards holidays. But now we’re offering free subscriptions to the Mindful app instead to help our customers through this difficult time.”

How fast is Superdrug Mobile?

Superdrug Mobile uses Three’s network to deliver speeds of up to 22.55Mbps.

“Not many people realise this, but Superdrug and Three are actually part of the same parent company,” says Bhavik. “It’s really helpful for us because Three shares its expertise with Superdrug to help us deliver the best service we can.”

Does Superdrug Mobile offer 5G contracts?

“Not yet”, says Bhavik. “But it’s definitely on our roadmap for the future.”

Can you buy a Superdrug Mobile SIM card in store or online?

Superdrug Mobile SIM cards are available in stores and on the website. And all Superdrug retail workers are trained to help you with your Superdrug Mobile SIM.

“Until recently, we’ve sold far more SIM cards in store than on the website”, says Bhavik. “You can sign up in the shop and get your SIM straight away. But, although our Superdrug stores are still open during the lockdown, we are encouraging people to shop online at the moment. You can sign up on our website and we’ll deliver your SIM card for free within 48 hours.”

What is Superdrug Mobile’s customer service like?

“Superdrug Mobile offers fantastic customer service”, says Bhavik. “Superdrug is known for its excellent value and great customer service and this is something we’re delivering for our mobile customers too.

“Our Trustpilot score is 10% higher than that of our closest competitor. And all our retail and call centre staff are trained to help with mobile enquiries.

“And of course our Health and Beauty loyalty points make Superdrug Mobile a really attractive option for people. You get so much value back from day one and customer loyalty is definitely rewarded.

“Our network is designed for everyone. We don’t ask for credit checks, we don’t lock people into lengthy contracts and we provide great customer service.”

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