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Exclusive Lebara Mobile deals from just £3.95 a month

You’ll only find these deals on Uswitch.
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If you’re looking for a SIM-only deal, we might have the perfect solution for you. Lebara’s new offerings work on a 30-day rolling basis, so you’re not tied into a lengthy contract. And you can switch it up anytime you like by upping your minutes or changing for a cheaper plan depending on your needs.

You won’t need a credit check either, so it’s really simple and easy to sign up. And you get inclusive international phone calls to 40 countries, making it easy and affordable to chat to your friends and family all over the world.

Best of all, we’ve got three exclusive Lebara deals that you’ll only find on Uswitch. Starting from just £3.95 a month for a bundle of data, minutes, texts and international calls, these are some of the best offers around.

Read on to find out more.

Deal 1

The cheapest of our three deals is an absolute bargain. At just £3.95 a month gets you 200 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 500MB data. You also get 50 international minutes to 40 countries included. Now you can call abroad without worrying about racking up a big bill.

It’s a 30-day rolling plan, so you don’t have to worry about being tied up in a long contract. And the capped contract means you can’t accidentally overspend on your phone bill.

Deal 2

If you need more minutes and data, step up to this next deal.

The £4.95 Lebara plan gives you 1GB data and 500 UK minutes. It also includes unlimited texts and 100 international minutes. All that for just £1 more.

The international minutes cover more than 40 countries, giving you the freedom to speak to friends and family all over the world.

Like all Lebara SIM-only deals, the sign up is easy and gives you total flexibility to change or cancel your plan anytime. Out of bundle spend is capped to give control over your spend, so you won’t get an unexpected bill shock for going over your allowance.

Deal 3

Still want more data and minutes? Lebara’s £7.95 plan comes with 4.5GB and unlimited UK calls and texts and includes 100 international minutes.

You can make as many UK calls and send as many texts as you like, plus stream a boatload of movies, music and games through the month. And all while speaking to people on the other side of the world with your 100 international inclusive minutes.

To put this into perspective, this deal works out less than the price of a takeaway every month. That’s incredible value for money.

Why should you choose Lebara Mobile?

Lebara runs on the Vodafone network, which has 98% 4G coverage in the UK, so you can be assured of fast and reliable coverage and data speeds. The average internet connection speed is around 20Mbps, which is faster than some home broadband packages. And you can use your monthly UK minutes, texts and data allowance when abroad in the EU at no extra charge. That means no hefty roaming charges to ruin your holiday.

As we’ve mentioned, these SIM-only deals are 30 days rolling plans, so you don’t need to sign up to a lengthy contract. Just cancel or change your plan any time before your next renewal. There’s no credit check either, so no more stress of not being accepted.

You can cap your out of bundle spend, meaning you can stick to a planned amount each month. This will give you the peace of mind to get on with using your mobile as you want without worrying about extra streaming bills.

Check out all our exclusive Lebara deals.

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