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Plusnet Mobile FAQ: we take a look at Plusnet’s mobile phone deals

Plusnet is the latest broadband provider to launch a mobile phone service. So how does it measure up?
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Plusnet now offers mobile phone plans alongside its core broadband, home phone and TV services.

Taking the same ‘good, honest’ approach to mobile as it does to the broadband market, Plusnet’s stripped down phone plans stand out for being competitively priced and simple to understand.

Certainly, there are none of the bells and whistles and expensive extras that can push up prices on rival networks.

So how does Plusnet Mobile really measure up to the competition? And can choosing Plusnet Mobile save you money? Read our FAQ and we’ll reveal all.

How many deals are there to choose from?

Plusnet is keeping things simple. There are just four deals on offer, all of which operate on a 30-day rolling-contract basis.

All of them are good value. Pay £5 per month and you’ll get monthly allowances of 500MB of data, 250 minutes of calls and 500 texts. £7.50 per month boosts that to 1GB of data, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts.

£10 scores you monthly allowances of 2GB data, 1,500 minutes and unlimited texts. And for £15 you get a hefty 4GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

Do low prices mean low speeds?

bt sport ee

Not at all. All four deals allow you access to EE’s 4G network, with speeds up to five times faster than the UK 3G average.

What you don’t get are the sweeteners that you’d usually enjoy when you sign up for EE, such as ‘free’ Apple Music and BT Sport.

But if you prioritise good coverage, value-for-money and connection speeds, but don’t want to pay extra for those entertainment services, Plusnet Mobile is a pretty good bet.

What’s the coverage like?

Because it’s backed by EE, Plusnet’s 4G network covers 97% of the UK population. By 2020, the network should cover 99.8%.

That puts it on a par with the major carriers as well as other, smaller providers who also piggyback on EE’s network, such as BT Mobile and the People’s Operator.

Is it correct that Plusnet is merging with LIFE Mobile?

Life mobile

Absolutely correct. Plusnet Mobile is the result of LIFE Mobile joining forces with Plusnet.

The merger will see the LIFE Mobile brand being retired. So if you were previously with LIFE Mobile, you’re now a Plusnet Mobile customer.

I’m with LIFE Mobile. Can I keep my existing contract?

If you’re happy with your existing LIFE Mobile deal, Plusnet will not force you to switch to any of its SIM only contracts.

If you decide you’d like to switch to a Plusnet contract, however, the option is there.

Is Plusnet Mobile selling phones?

No, this is a strictly SIM only network. That means you’ll either have to buy a phone outright or, more likely, switch to Plusnet once your existing contract is up.

There is a possibility that Plusnet may sell phones in future, though. We’ll be sure to let you if anything changes.

Will Plusnet Mobile SIMs work in any phone?

Plusnet will send you a one–size-fits-all SIM, so you can pop out the size you need, whether it’s standard, micro or nano, and slip it into your smartphone of choice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a brand new iPhone 7 or old school Nokia Lumia. Plusnet has got it covered.

Can I use my phone as a personal hotspot?


Yes. Tethering is allowed by Plusnet and, best of all, it won’t charge you any extra for the privilege of using your phone’s data on your laptop or tablet.

That’s more than can be said for some competitors.

Will Plusnet hit me with high charges if I go over my allowance?

Plusnet says it will operate a Smart Cap policy, so you won’t overspend when you use up your allowance.

Because the contracts are only 30 days, you can always switch to one with a higher-usage bundle if you’re worried about using extra minutes or data.

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