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Samsung Galaxy Fold on EE: Five things you need to know

The future’s unfolding on the UK’s fastest network.

Samsung’s amazing Galaxy Fold, the tech giant’s hugely hyped foldable smartphone, is coming to the UK. And it’ll be available on a pay-monthly contract exclusively with EE.

With the ability to switch from a 7.6–inch tablet into a 4.6–inch smartphone, the Galaxy Fold promises to completely change the smartphone game. Fancy getting in on the act? Read on and we’ll tell you how.

1. An EE exclusive

ee store hero

EE has managed a major coup by getting the Galaxy Fold as an exclusive on its network.

That’s not great news if you want to get one but you’re midway through a contract with another network. But it does at least mean that those who do land a Galaxy Fold will be able to access the fastest 4G networks around once they lay their hands on the new tablet/smartphone.

2. Pre–orders from 26th April

While it’s possible to register your interest via Samsung’s dedicated Galaxy Fold website and EE’s official Galaxy Fold page now, pre–orders don’t go live until 26th April.

We recommend signing up sharpish so you can get the latest news on the Galaxy Fold’s release direct from Samsung. This is going to be a highly sought after device, after all.

3. On sale 3rd May

Samsung Galaxy Fold hero

The Galaxy Fold will go on general sale on 3rd May, a week after pre–orders go live. That suggests that those who pre–order will take delivery on that date.

It’s worth noting that Samsung is not making the Galaxy Fold in anything like the numbers it has for the bestselling Galaxy S10. Word is that numbers will be limited to one million globally, meaning that its availability is likely to be severely restricted, making pre-ordering a necessity.

4. A hefty price tag

While Samsung and EE have yet to confirm final pricing, the Galaxy Fold likely to be painfully expensive. In the U.S. it’s SIM free cost is set at $2,000. Unofficial resellers have the device available for £1,500 here in the UK.

Throw in the necessary large data package and it’s likely that 24 month deals will easily come in at £100. Samsung and EE are expected to unveil their tariffs in the coming weeks. So if you know you want one, get saving or beef up your credit limit.

5. But worth the outlay

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch logo hero size

For smartphone fans, the Galaxy Fold is unquestionably going to be worth the outlay. The main draw, obviously, is the folding screen, something which no other readily available smartphone can offer.

Then there’s App Continuity to allow for seamless switching between screens without losing whatever you’re looking at and a series of Google apps that have been designed to work with the Galaxy Fold. The whole thing is protected with Gorilla Glass 6, meaning it can handle any nasty drops and scrapes without the need for a protective case.

In a world where most smartphones look the same, this is something completely out of the ordinary.

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