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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumours: specs, release date, price and everything you need to know

Get the inside line on Samsung's next Galaxy Note.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 render foldable hero

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is about to get a new addition. The Galaxy Note 10 promises to build on last year’s highly–rated Galaxy Note 9, with cutting edge specs and a new look. Read on and we’ll give you the inside line on what Samsung has planned for its super–sized smartphone.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 be released?

Samsung has confirmed that it will hold a special Unpacked event on 7th August, when it is expected it will reveal the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+.

The gathering will take place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center at 4pm local time, 11am here in the UK.


While the invite does not directly mention the Galaxy Note 10, it does depict an S Pen, a cornerstone of the Galaxy Note range. However, Samsung has said it will, "unveil new devices designed to take the Galaxy ecosystem's connectivity to the next level."

While new Galaxy Note handsets are a given, the company could also provide an update on the release date for its delayed Galaxy Fold. The latter was due to be made available in spring, but was held back after review units were found to be faulty.

With an early August launch, Samsung will likely kick off Galaxy Note 10 pre–orders immediately, with a release date expected at the end of the month. That should allow it to steal a march on Apple, which is due to unveil a trio of new iPhones in September.

How much will the Galaxy Note 10 cost?

Pricing is a closely guarded secret. However, with the Galaxy Note 9 starting at £899 SIM–free, you can expect to pay the same or perhaps slightly more for the Galaxy Note 10. It’s worth remembering that the Note range is Samsung’s most tech–laden, with cutting edge functionality, hence the Apple–like prices.


Two models being primed

In the past, Samsung has only ever released one version of the Galaxy Note, albeit with varying storage at different price points. However, this year it looks set to buck the trend by releasing a standard Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

Renowned tipster Ice Universe was the first to make mention of the latter, without initially providing too many details. However, the Pro edition is likely to feature an even larger screen, possibly 5G and a bigger battery.

Or is it four?

Korean site ET News has reported that there will be four versions of the Galaxy Note 10 in total, taking in various processor, storage and connectivity options. It’s been claimed that there will be a Galaxy Note 10e entry level edition, a standard Galaxy Note 10, plus 5G versions of the Ga;any Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

Four cameras

The keen Samsung watchers at Sam Mobile have reported extensively on plans for the Galaxy Note 10 to feature a cutting edge quad camera setup. This would put it one lens up on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, as well as matching the new Galaxy S10 5G.


The exact megapixel counts haven’t leaked, but with a growing trend towards quad cameras you can expect ultra wide angle and telephoto options, as well as a main lens with a hefty sensor in order to deliver professional grade imaging.

With Huawei leading the pack when it comes to smartphone cameras, Samsung is going to have to pull out all the stops to match its Chinese competitor.

5G on board?

At least one Galaxy Note 10 model is expected to come with 5G, according to rumours. That seems like an obvious move considering that Samsung already has the Galaxy S10 5G lined up and that the network itself will be coming online from later in 2019.

Rather than wait, as Apple is said to be doing with its 5G iPhone, Samsung will want to get in early and convince consumers that the best way to access 5G is on its very best device.


A radical folding redesign?

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has already grabbed plenty of headlines this year. But is Samsung set to release a second folding phone in 2019? That’s certainly what some mobile watchers are hoping. Let’s Go Digital has released a string of stunning new renders showing off a folding Galaxy Note 10 that has two hinges, allowing it to be folded in and out from either side. It mimics the Xiaomi Mi Fold, but would doubtless be more powerful. File this one under unlikely, even if the pictures look incredible.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 folds in these amazing renders

A new name?

Could the Galaxy Note 10 be called something different altogether? Don’t bet against it. “Samsung is aware that after the S10, people may not like the longer names that will come with two-digit numbers, if we stick to the current system,” a Samsung executive told the Yonhap News Agency back in February.

Word is that any name change will be kept back until 2020. The Note name has recovered since the exploding battery debacle of the Galaxy Note 7, so why change a winning formula?

Pop–up camera

Ice Universe has made the bold claim that the Galaxy Note 10 will be ‘symmetrical’. That means there’s unlikely to be a bezel with cameras and sensors up top and no hole punch screen, like the Galaxy S10.

Instead, Samsung could turn to a pop up camera to house facial scanning tech and the main selfie camera. It’s already given a clue as to how this would look with its Galaxy A90, which packs a rotating pop up camera. Such a move would allow it to trim bezels to zero and make the Galaxy Note 10 a true all–screen handset.


Bigger battery and ultra–fast charging

While teasing plans for the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, Ice Universe said that the phone would come with a massive 4,500mAh battery. That’s bigger than the 4,000mAh effort found on the current Galaxy Note 9.

He also claimed that the phone would come with a huge 25W charger, allowing it to power up to 100% battery in a matter of minutes. He has since rowed back on this claim, with Samsung said to be concerned about the battery not being able to handle so much mains power.

A 64 megapixel camera in the offing

Samsung has dropped a huge hint about what to expect from the Galaxy Note 10’s camera, after it launched a new 64 megapixel smartphone camera sensor.

The ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor has smaller pixels than previous camera units, meaning it can squeeze more megapixels into modules that are the same size as their predecessors. Samsung says that images will be articulacy detailed in bright light, while the GW1 will also feature the ability to merge its pixels to take 16 megapixel shots in low light conditions.

While the latter should mean crisp and clear detail whatever the conditions, Samsung is taking no chances with quality, amping up its HDR settings so that colours appear richer.

Throw in the ability to record full HD video at a barely credible 480 frames per second (fps) and this new Samsung camera promises to blow the competition out of the water.

The Korean company is hedging its bets on whether it will wind up being included in the Galaxy Note 10, also revealing plans for a new 48 megapixel sensor. Either way, you can expect Samsung’s forthcoming flagship to have a camera to give its rivals plenty to think about.

Rearranged cameras spark design overhaul talk

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro look set to come with major new design features, as the Korean company aims to differentiate its forthcoming flagships from its current Galaxy S10 range.

Twitter tipster Ice Universe, known for having impeccable connections close to Samsung, has revealed that the Galaxy S10 will have realigned front–facing and rear cameras.

In a tweet referring to the Galaxy Note 10 as ‘Da Vinci’, the device’s in–house codename, Ice Universe has suggested that the main rear camera will be vertically, rather than horizontally, aligned.

Changing the main camera setup will allow Samsung to include larger batteries in the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro. They are expected to come with 4,300mAh and 4,500mAh power packs respectively.

They also suggested a change to the front–facing camera, tallying with previous gossip that Samsung was aiming for a symmetrical finish with a ‘hole punch’ camera at the top and centre of the handset. This would make it significantly different to the Galaxy S10.

Samsung’s use of a hole punch ‘Infinity O’ screen has allowed it to swerve utilising a notch, although there was a school of thought that it would opt for a pop–up selfie camera, like that found on its own Galaxy A80 and the new OnePlus 7 Pro.

Interestingly, Ice Universe reckons that despite the changes to the design and rumours about a colossal 64 megapixel camera, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro will retain the same imaging setup as the Galaxy S10. That means a pair of 12 megapixel sensors, a 16 megapixel sensor and a potential fourth depth–sensing lens for the Pro edition, with a triple lens offering on the standard Note 10.

A hefty price tag

The Galaxy Note range has always been Samsung's priciest proposition. But for consumers at least hoping that the Galaxy Note 10 lineup would stick with the same price tag as 2018's Galaxy Note 9, there's likely to be nothing but disappointment.

Sources with knowledge of Samsung's plans, speaking with Russian media, claim that the Galaxy Note 10 will come in between $1,000 and $1,200. That converts to £865 to £945, a hefty jump on the entry level Galaxy Note 9's SIM–free cost of £799 here in the UK.

The insiders have not specified whether this price relates to the standard Galaxy Note 10 or the more powerful Galaxy Note 10 Pro, which is expected to come with 5G. If it's the latter, such a jump will be understandable, even if it puts the new handsets out of reach of most smartphone owners.

With SIM–free pricing so high, it's likely monthly contracts with large amounts of data will easily top the £60 a month mark. With an August release date primed, there's likely to be plenty more pricing leaks before Samsung makes the Galaxy Note 10 official.

A boost to dual aperture tech

Samsung is reportedly readying a major upgrade to the Dual Aperture tech that it brought to the Galaxy Note 9. The new, three–stage aperture smarts will apparently form a cornerstone of the Galaxy Note 10’s camera setup. That’s according to Ice Universe, the renowned Twitter tipster.

They claim that the Galaxy Note 10’s camera will be able to automatically switch between f/1.5, f/1.8 and f/2.4 aperture stops. At the moment, the Dual Aperture function allows the Galaxy Note 9 to detect low light or bright situations and change the aperture accordingly.

Adding a third aperture to this setting would improve images taken on the Galaxy Note 10 even further. It could mean that images shot in situations that don’t fall at extreme ends of the brightness spectrum look even sharper. Either way, the Galaxy Note 10’s camera looks set to be absolutely top class.

Sound on Display skills

Samsung looks set to take a leaf out of LG’s book and offer Sound on Display tech on the Galaxy Note 10. This means that rather than simply having a front–facing speaker or speakers next to the power port at the bottom of the device, the entire screen will act as a speaker.

The display will vibrate, delivering what Samsung will hope to be high quality audio sound. LG’s G8 did the same with mixed results, so expect Samsung to try and one up its Korean rival and deliver something a lot more user friendly.

Galaxy Note 10+, not Galaxy Note 10 Pro?

While reports of various models have dominated rumour blogs and social media, it appears Samsung is actually planning on sticking with the naming strategy used for its Galaxy S Series. That means that as well as a Galaxy Note 10, there will also be a Galaxy Note 10+. Such plans fly in the face of gossip about a Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

This tip comes from TechTalkTV, which claims to have scored early release models of the Galaxy Note 10+. As well as showcasing a device with a hole punch cutout in the top centre of the display, the leak includes a clear image showing the device's name on the startup screen.

As per previous chatter, there is also evidence of a quad camera setup, albeit via an extremely blurry image.

This naming approach makes sense considering consumers are aware of how Samsung brands its smartphones and should help boost interest in the Note range ahead of Apple's imminent new iPhone lineup.

First official pics reveal amazing colours

The first official images of the Galaxy Note 10 show off plans for a stunning iridescent silver gradient model, as well as dashing black edition.

The images, via My Smart Price, were revealed on Twitter well ahead of the 7 August launch date. They confirm that the device will come with a centred hole punch for the front–facing camera, as well as a quadruple camera setting round the back.

The silver model is likely to make the Galaxy Note 10 stand out from the pack at a time when smartphones are looking increasingly similar.

Each one comes with a S Pen as standard, with Samsung expected to add a string of features to make the stylus even more powerful.

These final images are likely to be supplemented with more leaks from official sources in the coming weeks, before Samsung holds its Unpacked event in Brooklyn on 7 August.

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