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Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks: how to get the most out of your new handset

We've done some digging to find the hidden features that make the S10 even better.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is arguably the best Android devices you can buy right now.

This generation builds on ten years of continuous improvement with capabilities that many new owners and loyal fans alike may have still to discover.

Here's our selection of many powerful yet underappreciated features that will really help you make the most of your shiny new Galaxy S10.

Enable Adaptive power saving

One of the biggest issues for smartphone users is running low on battery. Well, on the S10 there’s a way to make it last longer.

"Adaptive Battery" is one of the most impressive innovations introduced in the latest version of Android. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence to prevent unused apps from running in the background and using up precious charge, thereby giving you a longer battery life.

Galaxy S10 - tips - Battery

Strangely, this feature is turned off by default on the S10e, S10 and S10 Plus. Thankfully it’s super-easy to enable. And once it’s on, it can significantly improve your device's battery life.

To enable Adaptive battery, swipe from the top edge to reveal the Settings menu and select Device Care. Then hit the battery icon and press Power Mode.

S10 Adaptive Battery

Toggle "Adaptive Power Saving".

Adaptive Power learns from your habits so it can conserve power without requiring any more intervention from you. And even better, you won’t notice any difference in your phone’s performance.

After a few days, you will notice a slow improvement in battery life, which will settle into a more predictable pattern.

S10 tips Battery

Notice that Samsung's own power modes are independent of Adaptive Battery which we believe was a good move from Samsung.

Samsung also has its own power-saving features. So if you ever find yourself short of juice and far from a power outlet, you can double down on power saving by simply toggling on Samsung’s "Maximum power saving" mode.

Turn your phone into your wallet with Samsung Pay

If you’re still not in the habit of paying for things with your phone, Samsung Pay is an excellent way to start. It lets you store debit, credit and loyalty cards in your device and works wherever contactless is accepted.

What's more, you can make purchases above the £30 limit that is the standard in the UK for contactless card payments.

Galaxy S10 - Samsung Pay Promo photo

You can also load up your TFL card if you regularly use public transport in London. In this case, you won't even need to unlock your phone, and you can just tap the card reader at the barrier or on the bus.

The Samsung Pay app is included with the S10 series and can be accessed via the app drawer. You may need to update it when you open it for the first time.

S10 Tips - Samsung Pay 1

You’ll need either a Samsung or Google account to activate the service.

Once your account has been linked up, you can choose to create a payment PIN or use fingerprint recognition.

S10 Tips - Samsung Pay 2

If you haven't set up fingerprint security on your S10, this is the right time to try futuristic on-screen "ultrasonic" technology. Once it's registered, it makes for a swift and secure way to authorise payments.

You can then add your payment and loyalty cards. This can be done in different ways but the quickest is to take a picture of each card and let the app detect all the information it needs.

For loyalty cards, things can get a bit tricky as they're not always standardised. Not to worry though as they can be added manually by searching and entering your details.

Keep your data safe with Samsung Cloud

Started as a way to transfer all your settings and data to a new device, Samsung Cloud has now become a valid alternative to the likes of Google for storing your media as well as phone settings, calls and messages.

Galaxy S10 - Tips - Cloud Usage

The free Basic Plan offers 15GB of storage, which is a generous amount to start you off. But if it’s not enough, there are two paid versions, 50GB for £0.79 a month and 200GB for £2.49 a month.

These options seem limited compared to the vast storage used by Google but they are very reasonably priced. And it offers better integration too, especially when it comes to backing up your phone settings.

S10 Tips - Samsung Cloud

To access Samsung Cloud, head for the main setting screen and tap on “Accounts and Backup”, then “Samsung Cloud”.

You can choose what data gets synced and restore previous backups from other devices. By tapping on the Storage Plan description at the top of the list, you can see the available upgrade options and their prices.

Capture and edit a screenshot

Samsung’s screenshot editing is still one of the best you can find on any phone.

The easiest way to trigger the screenshot function is by swiping the screen with the side of your hand.

Make sure that you touch the screen with the whole hand as you swipe. This system works with both hands.

Galaxy S10 Tips - Screenshot karate

Using a combination of buttons is a common way to capture screenshots many people are familiar with.

Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Galaxy S10 - Tips - Screenshot buttons

A preview screen will appear, this contains some handy tools such as crop, annotate and share.

Galaxy S10 tips screenshots 1

If you don't need to annotate or you want to save your screenshot for later, you will find it in the Gallery app.

But the S10 allows you to do a lot more than simply capture what’s visible within the screen. A "scrolling screenshot" allows you to save and share a whole web page for instance.

First, trigger the screenshot capture as normal, then tap the square icon on the left once the previous screen appears. The screen will scroll to a certain point and update the screenshot. Keep tapping on the icon to keep scrolling and capturing more of the page.

Once you're done, tap on the preview and the screenshot will be saved with the others.

If you need a bit more control over the screen capture, there is another, more advanced way using the Edge Panel.

Pull up the Edge Panel then swipe to the Smart Select panel.

Galaxy S10 Tips Screenshots 2

It’ll give you more options for selecting areas of the screen and even an animated gif tool that allows you to create an easily shareable animation out of a video.

Take control of your time with Digital Wellbeing

If you find yourself spending too much time hunched over your smartphone during the day or worse, wasting precious winding down time before sleep this is a feature you should definitely give a try.

Introduced by Google and similar to Apple screen time, Digital Wellbeing is a utility that lets you manage app usage but also allows for restriction on intrusive notifications at specific times. Digital Wellbeing is easily accessible from the main Settings Panel. By default, it simply reports on how usage is distributed across categories.

Galaxy S10 Tips - wellbeing

By tapping on the Dashboard, you can set a timer for specific apps. So if you feel Doodle Jump is fun but taking way too much of your time, you can give it a limit and the S10 will tell you when it's time to pick up a book instead.

Wind down is the other important tool that can be set here.

When enabled it turns the screen to greyscale and mutes all calls and notification, set manually or at specific times, it is a great way to obtain the quiet, free of distraction time we all need at the end of each day.

Photo Editing

With the best overall camera on any smartphone, the Galaxy S10 makes it really to produce great shots.

Given the excellent performance when it comes to colour reproduction and effective scene detection modes, you’ll seldom need to carry out any editing on your photos.

There are times, however, when you want to give space to your creative side and send a message to your friends that stands out from the standard filters.

Here’s how you can give your favourite Whatsapp group a unique morning greeting.

Start from an image that is well-lit and in sharp focus. If you’ve been experimenting with your new Galaxy S10 I guarantee you’ll have a few good shots. Select a suitable image from the Gallery then enter edit mode by tapping on the stubby pencil icon.

Galaxy S10 - tips - Editing 1

The image looks rather wide, so I made it more phone friendly by selecting a different ratio. 4:3 Looks good, but you can go wider or make a perfect square.

I want the message to stand out I’ve toned down the colours and sharpness with the “Faded” filters. Then I gave it a slightly vintage feel by tweaking “Hue” and lowered the saturation.

Galaxy S10 - tips - Editing 2

To add a message, I opened up the Stickers and browsed to the perfect greeting Once on the image, you can change its size, position and tilt. Find a blank area within the image and make the sticker as big as possible.

Galaxy S10 - tips - Editing 3

A simple yet impactful message that is sure to raise smiles all around.

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