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  3. The Samsung Galaxy S7 can be controlled remotely

The Samsung Galaxy S7 can be controlled remotely

Samsung operators can use this to fix your phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a new feature that means it can be controlled remotely.

That means if you can't work out how to do something with it – switch on the Wi-Fi, say – you can contact Samsung and it will momentarily take control of your phone and show you how to do it.

The feature is called Samsung Assist. It's similar to when your work's helpdesk takes control of your PC remotely to tweak your settings.

The feature actually comes through the Samsung+ app, which has just been updated. To use it, you'll have to contact a Samsung rep via video chat on the app's new live support feature.

Once they have access, they can walk you through how to achieve your desired aim.

The feature is only available on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at the moment, but other Samsung phones will get it in the coming weeks.

If you have a different device, or don't like the idea of someone else controlling your phone, you can check out the app's troubleshooting FAQ tips and tricks library instead.

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